Costa Mesa Lawsuit Loans

If you are in the middle of legal proceedings in Costa Mesa, it can be challenging to pay rent, medical fees, and other bills until they reach their conclusion.

Tribeca offers a viable short-term solution to help you cover your everyday expenses while you move forward with a lawsuit: litigation financing. We offer Costa Mesa lawsuit loans that are easy to access at any time. With our help, you can get the funding you need to move forward with your legal proceedings without compromising your budget.

How Does Costa Mesa Lawsuit Funding Differ from a Traditional Loan?

A traditional loan lets you receive money that you pay back over a set period of time. The loan has an interest rate that may remain the same or change during its lifespan. In addition, you may be susceptible to penalties or additional fees if you do not make loan payments on schedule.

Comparatively, a lawsuit loan is designed exclusively for those dealing with a legal case. The loan lets you borrow money against a forthcoming settlement. Like a traditional loan, pre-settlement financing has an interest rate associated with it, too.

Legal funding gives you money at any point during your legal proceedings. It does not, however, require you to make payments until your lawsuit is settled. At this time, you pay the loan out of your settlement total.

The bottom line: a Costa Mesa lawsuit loan does not require you to make scheduled payments. Rather, the loan lets you get financing you can use to pay off bills while your legal case progresses. Once your case reaches its conclusion, the amount you owe to your lender is paid in full from your settlement amount. As such, litigation financing can provide a simple and effective option for anyone in the midst of Costa Mesa litigation who needs money right away.

What Makes Tribeca a Top Choice for Costa Mesa Lawsuit Loans?

If you are considering options for Costa Mesa lawsuit loans, the choice is clear. When you work with Tribeca, you can enjoy:

  • Low interest rate. We ignore your credit history and personal finances when we review your loan application. Instead, we assess the strength of your lawsuit, expected compensation, and the length of time your case is expected to last. This helps us keep your interest rate low.
  • No hidden charges. Our lawsuit loan specialists want you to know what to expect from your litigation financing. We encourage you to ask questions, so you understand all aspects of your loan, and we ensure there are no hidden fees associated with our lawsuit funding — without exception.
  • Fast and easy online application process. You can submit your application online in minutes. Next, we will review your submission and contact you if we have any concerns or questions.
  • Legal funding for all types of cases. To date, we have provided litigation financing to those involved in auto accident cases, employment law cases, and other types of cases. Provide us with details about your litigation so we can help you get lawsuit funding based on your case.
  • Seamless repayment plan. We take the guesswork out of repaying your litigation funding. As soon as your lawsuit is settled and your attorney receives payment, he or she can submit a check to us for the loan amount.
  • Exceptional client support. If you have lawsuit financing concerns or questions, we can address them.

Tribeca provides Costa Mesa lawsuit loans up to $1 million. Let us know how much litigation funding you need, and we are here to help you.

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We provide lawsuit loans to residents of Costa Mesa and other California cities and towns. Our team is happy to teach you about litigation funding and its benefits. We can even help you submit a pre-settlement funding application.

For more information about our Costa Mesa lawsuit loans, call us to speak with one of our pre-settlement financing specialists. Or, fill out our online application form to get started today.

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