Salinas Lawsuit Loans

You can receive Salinas legal funding any time you are pursuing financial compensation during a legal case. The funding can help you cover your medical bills, car payments, and other regular expenses.

Tribeca offers lawsuit loans for plaintiffs involved in a variety of cases. Our Salinas legal funding is simple to understand and easy to obtain. It is backed by pre-settlement funding specialists who can answer your questions.

How Much Time Does It Take to Get a Lawsuit Loan in Salinas?

On average, it only takes a few days to get pre-settlement funding. The lawsuit loan process involves the following steps:

  • Submit your application. You can fill out our online application in minutes.
  • Get a loan quote. We provide you with a loan quote within 24 hours of your application submission.
  • Receive your legal funding. Once you accept our loan terms, we send you a pre-settlement funding check.

We have handled thousands of lawsuit loan requests over the past 10 years. Yet, our approach remains the same as it has been since day one. We do our part to provide you with pre-settlement funding in Salinas that matches your requirements. And we ensure you can receive a lawsuit loan as quickly as possible.

How Much Time Do I Have to Use a Salinas Lawsuit Loan?

There is no time limitation on your lawsuit loan. After you receive your legal funding in Salinas, you can use it whenever you choose.

Many clients create a budget for their pre-settlement funding. With a budget in place, anyone can track how much money they spend on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. From here, an individual can decide how to allocate their legal funding accordingly.

We typically do not recommend spending all of your pre-settlement funding at once, either. Because if you do so, you risk running out of money before your legal case is closed.

When Do I Have to Pay Back My Lawsuit Loan?

It may be many weeks or months before you need to pay back your legal funding. We only require that your case is finalized prior to loan repayment. How your case turns out determines whether you will need to pay us back.

In the event that you win or settle your case, you need to repay your loan. However, doing so is fast and efficient. To pay back your loan, you first need to obtain your case compensation. Next, your attorney can send us a check for your loan amount. And when we receive your check, you are paid off.

Of course, if you lose your case, try not to stress. At this time, you keep your Salinas pre-settlement funding without penalty.

How Do You Approve My Lawsuit Loan Application?

A lawsuit loan is not in the same class as a loan you may receive from a bank or credit union. Rather, legal funding is classified as a cash advance. This means we take 100% of the risk when we provide you with pre-settlement funding.

When you get a lawsuit loan, we verify your loan amount based on three factors. For one, we look at the overall strength of your legal case. Also, we examine how long your case is expected to last. Finally, we assess your projected case compensation. At no point do we conduct a credit check or review your personal finances, too.

Meanwhile, we offer a pre-settlement funding quote that you can accept or reject. If you accept our quote, we will drop your check in the mail. But, if you lose your case, you are under no obligation to repay us. This is due to the fact that we have provided your pre-settlement funding as a cash advance. As a result, you keep the money we gave you.

We Can Help You Calculate How Much Money You’ll Need Over the Course of Your Case

It can be beneficial to look at your finances carefully before you complete a lawsuit loan application. If you have a clear understanding of your finances, you can determine how much money you may need to cover your daily expenses until your legal case reaches its conclusion.

Furthermore, it helps to consult with our legal funding specialists. We can teach you anything you want to know about lawsuit loans. And we do not pressure you to apply for pre-settlement funding. Merely let us know how we can help you, and we are happy to provide assistance.

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We ensure you can get Salinas legal funding at your convenience. Plus, our pre-settlement funding specialists can lend a helping hand as you pursue a lawsuit loan. For more information, call us today or send us your application.

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