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The Los Angeles suburb of West Covina is home to more than 100,000 people, plus the tens of thousands of tourists that flood the area each year. All of that adds up to a heavy influx of traffic on West Covina roadways: more than 1.1 million miles are driven each day. And that leads, inevitably, to an increase in traffic accidents. In fact, in recent years over a five-year span, there was a 43 percent increase in the amount of reported accidents.

If you have been a victim of a traffic accident, whether it was an auto-, motorcycle-, bicycle- or pedestrian-related accident or if you are a victim of a personal injury accident, due to another person’s negligence, you have the right to compensation. Our Tribeca team members have provided West Covina lawsuit loans to many clients in the past.

Car Accident Causes That May Lead to West Covina Lawsuit Loans

Unfortunately, Southern California is a hot spot for car accidents, with Los Angeles County roads listed as some of the most dangerous in the country. In 2017, there were a total of 485,866 reported auto accidents, with 272,823 injuries and 3,898 deaths.

Common causes for these automobile accidents are:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Speeding
  • Night driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigue
  • Hit and run
  • Faulty car maintenance or mechanical defects
  • Multi-vehicle
  • Improper turning

The major underlying factor that contributes to these causes involves some type of driver inattention (that accounts for 80 percent of crashes), with 74.8 percent admitting to using their mobile phone while driving. Also, nearly 40 percent of car accidents occur at or near an intersection due to a driver trying to beat a red light, making an illegal turn, or failing to be aware of surrounding traffic or pedestrians.

If you are the victim of an auto accident that was the result of one of these causes, West Covina lawsuit loans from Tribeca can provide you with the financial support you can lean on before your settlement is received during this long, legal process.

Why West Covina Lawsuit Loans May Be Needed By Motorcycle Accident Victims

Motorcycle accident victims are particularly vulnerable because three-quarters of motorcycle accidents in West Covina involve a passenger vehicle. In fact, according to statistics, the likelihood of rider injury is as high as 98 percent. More than half of those reported injuries are to the lower extremities, with fatalities as a result of injuries to the head and chest.

If you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle accident because of an auto driver’s negligence, you have the right to file a lawsuit and recover financial compensation for your injuries. This is because of two major factors:

  • They most likely take place in an intersection, with the driver running a red light in a hit and run.
  • Many show that the rider tried to avoid the collision, shown by the motorcycle’s skid marks.

Why Slip-and-Fall Accidents May Need West Covina Lawsuit Loans

Slip, trip, and fall accidents in California are the cause of 800,000 hospitalizations each year. One of the most common personal injuries, slip-and-falls are considered a premises liability caused by someone else’s negligence.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most common injuries and key takeaways from these accidents are:

  • Hip fractures (more than 95 percent)
  • Traumatic brain injuries from falling
  • Head injuries or broken bones (1 out of 5 falls)

Although there are many factors that can cause slip-and-fall accidents in California, the most common, according to the CDC, are:

  • Slippery floors because of wax, oil, spills and freshly mopped
  • Uneven flooring
  • Loose carpeting
  • Cords or cables that are uncovered
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Broken furniture or railings
  • Unsafe construction site hazards
  • Not posting warning signs about any of these known hazards

A property owner, whether it is one of a private residential property or a commercial workplace, could be found negligent in a personal injury lawsuit and be required to pay you compensation. If your workplace fails to maintain lawful OSHA standards, workers’ compensation is covered under the California Labor Code. Our legal funding specialists can walk you through the options of how you will pay for your medical bills.

How We can Help You with Your West Covina Lawsuit Loans

Our team of West Covina lawsuit loans specialists here at Tribeca can help you get the pre-settlement funds you need to keep you financially stable throughout the longevity of these complicated personal injury lawsuits. You and your attorney can easily apply online and we will contact you as soon as possible to work out the amount of your lawsuit loan. If you have any questions along the way, you can call us at 866-388-2288.

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