Athens Lawsuit Loans

You never know when you may need to file a lawsuit. Injuries can happen anytime, and there are plenty of civil situations where you may need to sue someone to get paid for your injuries.

If you live in Athens, Georgia, and you need money to help you get through your lawsuit, we can help you. Tribeca can let you borrow money against your future settlement with a lawsuit loan. You can cover expenses while you work on fixing the damage done to you.

How Does a Lawsuit Loan in Athens Work?

What if you could access part of a settlement that you haven’t won yet? A lawsuit loan lets you do just that. Based on the strength of your case, Tribeca can offer you an advance on your future winnings. When you win your case, you pay us back out of the final amount.

These lawsuit loans are more properly called pre-settlement funding. These funds let you keep your lawsuit rolling until your lawyer can win your case. Without it, you may face significant financial pressure and have to take a lower amount of money or none at all.

We structure these loans so your pre-settlement funding can only be repaid through your settlement. This kind of loan is also called non-recourse funding. That means that if you lose your case, you owe us nothing.

Am I Eligible for Athens Pre-Settlement Funding?

It’s easier than you might think to qualify for pre-settlement funding in Athens. That’s because we don’t care about your financial history. We only care about the details of your case. Tribeca will never ask you questions about your finances like:

  • What’s your credit score?
  • What are your other assets?
  • Are you employed?

The only things you need before applying for a lawsuit loan are a case and a lawyer. Tribeca requires all borrowers to have a lawyer working on their case before approval. A good lawyer can help you get more money, and having one also shows that you have a chance of winning your case.

If your case doesn’t have a lot of financial value or there are legal complications with your case, then there may be problems with approval. These are things beyond your control, so there’s no harm in asking how much you qualify for. Especially since applying for a lawsuit loan is free. The worst we can say is no!

How Much Can I Get in Athens Legal Funding?

Tribeca’s loan limits are $500 to $1 million in financing. How much you can get depends all on the details of your case. Here are some things we look for:

  • How much is your lawyer trying to get you?
  • How much could you potentially get?
  • Are there legal liabilities in your case (e.g. personal negligence)?
  • What are your chances of winning?
  • How much can we lend without risking too much if you lose?

If your case is clear, you could qualify for legal funding in Athens in as little as 24 hours after applying. Larger cases or more complex cases will take longer to analyze. We will do our best to process your case as quickly as possible.

Get Your Athens Lawsuit Loan Application Started with Tribeca

Ready to get your Athens lawsuit loan started? Click the Apply Now button at the top of the screen or give us a call to schedule an appointment. Tribeca will ask you some questions about your case and get permission to contact your lawyer.

If your case qualifies, we will create a loan package that best fits your needs and your case. Remember, if you lose your case, then you don’t have to pay us back. There’s no reason to wait because applying is free!

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