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Louisiana likes the slow life, and that goes the same for Lafayette. Some things in life don’t need to be slow, like waiting on your lawsuit to finish. Unfortunately, that could seem out of your hands, but Tribeca has a way that can help you.

If you live in Lafayette and need money during a lawsuit, you could qualify for a lawsuit loan. A lawsuit loan from Tribeca can make all the difference between enjoying your time of recovery or fearing what’s going to happen next.

How does a Lafayette Lawsuit Loan Help Me?

It’s a way of getting access to money you’re owed before your case finishes. People across the country use lawsuit loans to pay for expenses while they wait for litigation. We don’t mean paying your lawyer. We mean paying for everyday things like:

  • Living expenses
  • Necessities
  • Medical treatment and equipment
  • Property repair and replacement

Actually, you’re free to use the money from a lawsuit loan for anything you like. It’s just like the money you’d get from a lawsuit and it’s tax-free. Most people come to Tribeca because they’re having trouble covering their bills and don’t want to accept a lower settlement to get their money.

By using a lawsuit loan, you can keep your lawsuit going and give your lawyer enough time to close the matter. You could end up with far more money by using a loan if your lawyer makes a breakthrough in your case. Plus, lawsuit loans are risk-free to plaintiffs!

Why Are Lawsuit Loans in Lafayette Risk-Free?

While lawsuit loans are the best way to describe what we offer, a better name is pre-settlement funding. Lafayette legal funding is a type of non-recourse funding, and that’s the key term that makes Tribeca’s lawsuit loans risk-free.

Recourse, in this sense, is the legal ability to seek other ways of getting money back if you default on the loan contract. A mortgage loan is a good example. If you default on your mortgage, they can foreclose on your home and take it back to pay for what you owed.

A non-recourse loan cannot seek other ways of getting money back after a default. Our contracts only allow us to collect money from your lawsuit winnings. If you lose your case, then you don’t have to pay us anything back because there’s nothing we can claim!

Why Offer Legal Funding in Lafayette?

It may seem risky to do this, and it is. That’s why we study each case carefully to see if it qualifies. Yet we think it’s an important and missing part of the justice system. Too many people end up quitting on their cases because they can’t afford to continue to litigate.

Insurance companies have armies of lawyers and well-honed strategies to tip the scales in their favor. If you start to run out of money, then they’ll try to delay the case so your bills keep getting bigger. You could be forced to take a lower settlement to prevent your life from taking a worse turn.

That’s where we come in. Our simple interest loans pay your expenses so you can pursue your case to the end and get all the compensation you truly deserve. If you feel you’re running out of hope with your Lafayette case, don’t give up before you’ve spoken with our lending team.

How do I Pay My Lafayette Pre-Settlement Funding Back After I Win?

Since we can only take money from your final settlement, your lawyer can handle paying us back once your case finishes. After they receive your award money from your lawsuit, they’ll pay themselves and us before wiring the rest of the money into your account.

Your lawyer will have a copy of the loan contract to know how much to pay us. Our simple-interest loans make it easy to see how much you’ll owe at the end of the case. Your rate will never vary nor compound, unlike many of our competitors.

As we discussed, if your settlement amount is lower than expected, you only pay back what your settlement can afford. We do our best to structure all our loans so you still have a sizable payout at the end of your case.

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Tribeca is ready to help you! We serve cities all across the country, including Lafayette. It does not matter if your case started in another state. To start your free consultation, simply use the Apply now button or give us a call.

During your consultation, Tribeca will ask you some questions about your case and permission to contact your lawyer. After we collect the data and crunch the numbers, we’ll tell you if you qualify and for how much. If you accept, we can have the money for you in just 24 hours!

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