Maine Car Accident Loans

Maine residents who have been injured in an automobile accident due to negligence or deliberate actions of another driver may be able to qualify for a Maine auto accident loan against their pending personal injury lawsuit. To be eligible, you must have attorney representation, and the insurance company or self-insured party must be involved in the case.

Tribeca Lawsuit loans provides immediate car crash loans in Maine for victims suffering physically and under financial strain while they await compensation money from their trial or settlement. You can apply today for free with us within a matter of minutes on the phone.

At Tribeca, we are ready to help those in the The Pine Tree State– our loan specialists can secure a cash advance for you in as little as 24 hours and you only need to re-pay it if you win your case. Contact us today.

What to Do When Your Car Accident Settlement Is Delayed

It is not unusual for car accident victims to find that their injury settlement is delayed. Whether the insurance company is doing everything they can to reduce their loss, or the respondent is taking their time through the civil litigation process.

No matter what is preventing you from being awarded the compensation that is rightfully yours, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is here to help. When your car accident settlement is delayed, you can apply for our main car accident loans and obtain the money you need in as little as 24 hours.

Will You Qualify for a Lawsuit Loan?

If you had concerns about whether you will be eligible for legal funding in Maine, you can rest easier. Qualifying for a car accident loan Is as easy as being represented by an attorney. All Tribeca needs is to be able to speak with your attorney to learn more about the details of your case.

We will need to know how long your case has been active, how much longer until you are going to be paid, and what your car accident lawsuit is worth. We can use this information to determine how much we can approve your  pre-settlement funding for and the other terms of your repayment agreement.

Many car accident victims wonder whether having poor credit is going to have an impact on their ability to get their claim approved. But we do not run your credit when you apply. This is because your payment history, income status, and other personal financial matters are irrelevant to us. What matters to Tribeca is that you have a lawyer who is willing to take on your case.

How Motor Vehicle-Specific Lawsuit Loans in Maine Work

Motor Vehicle-Specific Lawsuit Loans do not work in the same way that other types of loans do. Not only do we not run your credit, but we only require you to pay back your lawsuit loan money if your attorney wins your case.

If your lawyer does not win your case, you do not have to worry about Tribeca attempting to garnish your wages, send your loan to collections, or otherwise attempt to recover this debt. Because it is not a debt. You only have to repay your loan if you win an insurance settlement or in court. As such, we do not report to any credit bureaus, and your credit score is virtually irrelevant to us.

Spending Your Pre-Settlement Funding

After your pre-settlement legal funding in Maine has been approved, the money should arrive at your bank shortly afterward. From there, you will have access to the funds you need to cover a number of different expenses. Some of the more common costs and expenses that other victims of car accidents in this state have reported when seeking loan approval include:

  • Groceries and food costs
  • Heating oil
  • Gas
  • Utility bills
  • Hospital bills
  • Medical expenses
  • Internet and phone bills
  • Household maintenance expenses
  • Credit card payments
  • Entertainment
  • Other daily living expenses

After you have received your money, it is important to think smart. Many people make the mistake of spending their legal funding frivolously. And they end up in further financial ruin because they did not plan ahead. It is important that you remember that when your attorney wins your case, you are going to be expected to repay your loan. And you don’t want to have considerable debts and expenses holding you back when that time comes.

Main Residents: If Need Legal Funding After Injuries Suffered in a Car Crash, Call Tribeca Today

At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we do not believe you should have to wait for your settlement to be resolved before you access the money you need. Apply today for your Maine car accident Loans and begin to rebuild your life.

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