Minnesota Car Accident Loans

Have you been in a car accident in Minnesota? If you are the victim of an auto collision, you are likely facing a heaping amount of medical expenses, car damage repair costs, and a long journey ahead in healing, both physically and financially.

With Minnesota car accident loans available from Tribeca, that overload of bills can recede as a cash advance until your lawsuit settles. It comes with no risk to borrowers and can help plaintiffs now, both outside and inside the courtroom, so you and your attorney can focus on fighting for the full value of your settlement.

Before you apply for pre-settlement funding, find out if this is the right option for you.

How Do You Know if a Minnesota Car Accident Loan Is the Right Option?

Many of the clients we have helped here at Tribeca find that there are many benefits of Minnesota car accident loans. If you are still questioning if this type of lawsuit legal funding is the right option for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I suffered from serious injuries from my accident?
  • And, because of that, do I have an abundance of residual expenses?
  • Am I able to work or have I had to lose time at work because of being hospitalized, resulting in loss of income?
  • Did the defendant’s insurance company offer a lower settlement payout than I think I deserve?

If you have answered yes to these questions, the legal funding we provide should also be the answer to your financial woes. A car accident lawsuit can take months to settle, sometimes years. Minnesota pre-settlement funding can help you stay afloat until it does.

How Can Legal Funding in Minnesota Help Win a Larger Settlement?

With more money in your bank account, thanks to a Minnesota car accident loan, your financial stress is alleviated and your budget is expanded, which helps you and hurts the at-fault driver. This is because, often times the defendant, their insurance company, and their attorneys – with their big budgets – will drag out your lawsuit proceedings with the intent to pressure you into a lower settlement because they know you cannot afford to pay your bills

Instead, legal funding will give you the freedom to pay all of your bills and expenses and buy more time for your attorney to build a stronger case, which leads to a larger settlement.

How to Qualify for Car Accident Pre-Settlement Funding in Minnesota

It is actually quite easy to qualify for a car accident loan in Minnesota. Tribeca legal funding specialists will review the following to see if you and your case qualify:

  • You are required to be at least 18.
  • You must have filed a lawsuit or be ready to file one.
  • You need to have legal representation.
  • You will need to be the plaintiff in the lawsuit and the defending party must be insured.

If you meet these requirements, you will most likely qualify for a Minnesota car accident lawsuit loan. You are not required to get a credit check or have a probe into your personal finances or employment history.

If You Qualify for Minnesota Legal Funding, How Much Money Do You Get?

Although we just discussed how there is no review of your finances or credit required to qualify for a Minnesota car accident loan, our Tribeca team does conduct a thorough review of the details of your lawsuit to determine how much legal funding you will receive, such as:

  • The cost of your past medical bills and future treatment from the accident
  • How severe your sustained injuries are
  • How severe your sustained property damage is
  • The amount of your lost income
  • Your level of pain and suffering you have experienced

After reviewing these factors of your case, we will be able to better establish how much money we can offer in your lawsuit loan, which depends on your potential settlement, from $500 to $1 million in legal funding.

Locations Served

  • Minneapolis
  • Saint Paul

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Minnesota car accident loans from Tribeca will help you get through the difficult time of battling your way to a win in your lawsuit. Apply easily now, risk-free, and you could have access to up to $1 million in legal funding deposited in your bank account within 24 hours of approval to support you and your family financially until your case settles.

And we are here to make sure you have every advantage for your case to settle in your favor. We have done the same for more than 1,000 clients, loaning out more than $45 million.

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