Nebraska Car Accident Loans

We know that no one ever wants to be involved in a car accident, but, unfortunately, accidents happen. If you are in the middle of a lawsuit because of a car accident caused by a careless driver, we also know that it can be overwhelming and painfully stressful to go through a case until a fair settlement is finalized. The legal proceedings can be never-ending, and the bills are nonstop.

Car accident loans available from Tribeca can be the risk-free solution for you now, giving you the pre-settlement funding in Nebraska you need to get your feet back on the ground and to move forward.

Qualifications for Car Accident Lawsuit Loans in Nebraska

There are a few qualifying factors that are required from you to acquire your Nebraska pre-settlement funding from Tribeca, which include these considerations:

  • You must be the plaintiff in a car accident lawsuit, and cannot be the at-fault party in the case.
  • You must be represented by an attorney. This protects you and our investors, plus increases your chances of a larger settlement.
  • It is better to have a strong probability of winning your lawsuit over the defending party. We will also need to confirm that the party at fault has firm insurance to cover compensation.

The Risks of Legal Funding in Nebraska

Simply put, Nebraska legal funding is completely risk-free – no hidden fees, no credit score check, and no risk or checks into your bank account. Despite the misleading information thrown out there in the media about some forms of lawsuit loans, the type of pre-settlement funding that Tribeca provides is completely safe.

This is because we, as the lender, take on all the risk through this non-recourse debt, which means you are not obligated to repay the loan if you lose your case. If you win, you repay the agreed-upon percentage of your potential compensation and you keep the rest.

On the other hand, non-risk, non-recourse debt means we will not:

  • Structure you on any monthly payment plans
  • Expect the repayment from your personal finances (Remember, you are not liable.)
  • Unfairly garnish any wages from a portion of your paycheck

What to Look for in Nebraska Car Accident Loan Firms

Here at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we know this is already a stressful time in your life that has been turned upside down because of a negligent driver, so we know how important it is to earn your trust.

Our team of pre-settlement professionals has helped more than a thousand clients secure over $45 million in legal funding, which includes Nebraska car accident loans, so we have proven stats that we are reputable.

Here is a checklist we have put together on what to look for when you are weighing your options on car accident lawsuit loans:

  • Talk to your attorney. Discuss how long your case is expected to last. Your trusted legal representation will also know which local lawsuit loan companies in Nebraska are right for you.
  • Check into fees and interest rates. Reputable lawsuit loan companies will be upfront with any application fees and rates. Tribeca does not charge an application fee and offers a low, compounded interest rate.
  • Be aware of your payback agreement. Review your pre-settlement contract with your attorney to make sure that, if you win, your payback is not more than your settlement and, if you lose, you owe nothing.
  • Make sure there is no conflict of interest. The lawsuit loan company you choose should not have any affiliation with the medical providers or attorneys connected to your case.

What Should I Expect During the Nebraska Pre-Settlement Funding Process?

It is important to understand the legal funding process in Nebraska and to have in mind a logical prediction of the settlement amount you will receive. Here are a few other factors to expect and prepare yourself for:

  • There are limits to how much money you are eligible for in a lawsuit loan. Tribeca legal funding ranges from $500 to $1 million.
  • Do not expect to take home your entire settlement. You can usually borrow against a maximum of one-third of your settlement.
  • Your attorney will be the one working with our legal funding specialists at Tribeca, from the first step of applying to the final settlement. This minimizes the stress for you.

Locations Served

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How to Apply for a Nebraska Car Accident Lawsuit Loan

Now that you have been coached on what to look for in a lawsuit loan company, what to expect during the pre-settlement funding process, the risks, and the benefits, all that is left for you to do is apply for a car accident lawsuit loan in Nebraska. One of our team members at Tribeca will work with you and your attorney as soon as possible.

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