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The state of Nevada may have a reputation as a party area, but the reality is that there are many individuals here mired down in the middle of lawsuits and waiting for settlements or jury verdicts. In the meantime, lawsuit claimants are often injured and out of work, leaving them in precarious financial situations.

We are here to help if you need a lawsuit loan in Henderson to hold you over until the conclusion of your case. We want you to fill out the form on our Apply Now page or contact us at (866) 388-2288 so we can get this process started for you today.

Why Are Lawsuits So Expensive in Nevada?

Litigation is costly in the state of Nevada. The reality is that court costs and legal fees are only one part of the overall costs in these situations. For example, personal injury lawsuits usually involve extensive investigations on the part of your attorney in order to determine liability. For some claims, it may be necessary for your attorney to work with accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals, and economic experts in order to successfully argue your case.

All of these costs add up very quickly, and they are compounded by the fact that it can take years for a case to resolve. It is not uncommon for the overall costs of a lawsuit to reach into the tens of thousands of dollars – sometimes into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That is why Tribeca is ready and standing by to payout anywhere from $500 up to $1 million in these situations.

Legal Funding in Henderson Can Pay for a Variety of Lawsuits

Our team is able to help those involved in lawsuits in Henderson and throughout Nevada secure the funding they need for a variety of types of lawsuits. Every day throughout the U.S., we help those who are involved in:

If you have any questions about whether or not your case will be eligible for legal funding in Henderson, we strongly encourage you and your attorney to reach out to our team as soon as possible.

How Am I Allowed to Spend Pre-Settlement Funding?

We know that individuals coming to us for pre-settlement funding in Henderson are often struggling financially. Because it takes these cases so long to conclude, those involved in lawsuits usually have ongoing legal expenses, but it is also easy to fall behind on everyday bills.

Aside from legal fees, recipients of our lawsuit loans regularly spend the money on the following:

  • Medical bills related to their case
  • Everyday household expenses, such as fuel or food
  • Child care costs
  • Vehicle payments
  • Credit card bills
  • Mortgage or rent payments

We are not going to dictate where you spend your money after you receive a lawsuit loan. No two cases are exactly alike, and the needs of every recipient are different.

What Do You Need to Apply for Henderson Legal Funding?

First and foremost, we require that any person seeking legal funding be working with an attorney. Studies have shown that individuals who have legal counsel in these cases are much more likely to succeed, and they are likely to receive a higher amount in an eventual settlement or jury verdict.

When going through the approval process for your lawsuit loan, our specialists work directly with your attorney to examine various factors related to your case. We want to know how the case originated, your total losses so far, and how long your case is expected to last. We will also discuss how much you expect to receive an eventual settlement or jury verdict when working to determine how much money to give you now.

Reach Out to Our Team for Lawsuit Loan Assistance in Henderson Today

If you are ready to ease the financial pressure that you and your family have been under due to this pending litigation, our team is here to help you by providing you with a simple process to obtain a lawsuit loan in Henderson. You and your attorney can call one of our legal funding specialists at (866) 388-2288 or you can contact us online for free to start the process.

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