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Starting life after loss, injury, or traumatic experience costs more than a lawsuit could ever repay. Unfortunately, there is no way for our justice system to place you back before the incident properly, but it can provide a financial path for you to start your new life journey.

For many reasons, our justice system is slow. New Jersey’s court system is severely understaffed and in need of judges and other legal personnel. Worse, defense attorneys and insurance companies deliberately drag out the legal process, hoping that mounting financial pressure will force you to settle for a lowball offer that funds immediately rather than holding out for the total compensation you are owed. Consequently, getting some financial relief can take months or years. Our lawsuit loans in Newark can make your wait bearable by providing you with a no-risk loan while you wait for your day in court.

Newark Settlement Loans Eligibility

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans provides legal funding for a wide array of personal injury cases. We have experience supporting claims including:

The list of cases we fund is continually growing. If you have been harmed and seek damages, we can help with a Newark lawsuit loan. Our eligibility requirements are simple. To qualify for legal funding, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be the plaintiff in an ongoing lawsuit
  • Be due compensation
  • Be represented by an attorney

We require our clients to have legal representation to protect your interests and our own. Studies (and our experience) show that attorneys win a far higher percentage of cases than individuals who represent themselves. Further, they win larger settlements.

How Does Legal Funding in Newark, NJ, Work?

Legal lending differs significantly from most loans you’re probably familiar with. The critical difference is that lawsuit loans are non-recourse loans. What sets non-recourse loans apart is that the only legal source of money to repay the debt is the loan’s collateral. The collateral in a Newark lawsuit loan is your future settlement. Because of the unique nature of non-recourse loans, legal lending includes:

  • NO credit check
  • NO income verification
  • NO monthly payments
  • NO lien on your property
  • NO risk!

How can a loan entail no risk for the borrower? Simple. Since your future settlement is the sole source of money that can repay your loan, you owe us nothing if you lose your case!

How Complicated Can a Lawsuit Get?

The time it takes to get a settlement for a lawsuit depends, in part, on the complexity of the claim. So, if you have a complex case, you may be looking at longer waiting times than if it were a simpler set of facts.

For example, several people were injured in a multi-vehicle car crash off I-280. Each person can find an attorney to sue the other person, or several individuals can come together to sue one person. Determining the liability for each person could add to the length of time for the case to resolve.

Can Legal Funding in Newark Help Me Pay for My Attorney?

An attorney will ask you to pay one of three ways: a one-time fee, hourly fee, or contingency fee. Each will end up costing you several thousand dollars. Legal funding in Newark can help you pay for those costs by giving you access to your compensation early instead of waiting for your big payout in the end.

A Newark lawsuit loan can help you pay for your attorney as well as all the following items:

  • Medical bills
  • Medication
  • Home repairs or renovations
  • Car repairs
  • Mortgage payments
  • Credit card payments
  • Car insurance
  • House insurance
  • Medical equipment
  • Replace lost wages
  • Vacation

We can help you pay your bills and alleviate your financial stress. We never set limits on how you can use your loan. Once the money hits your account, it is yours to use however you see fit for you and your family.

How Pre-Settlement Loans in Newark Can Help You Get a Bigger Settlement

You can use your Newark lawsuit loan to pay for any of your current expenses. Legal lending blunts the most powerful weapon the other side wields in negotiations by relieving your financial stress. When you no longer are drowning in unpaid bills, you’ll have no need to settle for a mere 35%-40% of the just compensation you’re due.

And because Tribeca is invested in the successful conclusion of your lawsuit, we may provide your attorney with case funding to pay expensive litigation costs like expert witnesses that can strengthen your case and qualify for an even better settlement.

Are There High-Interest Rates for Pre-Settlement Funding in Newark?

We do not have a standard interest rate because each of our loans is unique, just like the lawsuits they fund. Instead, we can promise that, depending on your specific funding needs, we will provide you with the lowest possible interest rate.

We also use a flat interest rate instead of a compound rate. A compound rate can increase the cost of your loan daily. A flat rate interest fee increases your loan costs slowly and allows you to keep more of your settlement than compound interest.

When Can I Apply for a Newark Lawsuit Loan?

Wherever you are in your legal process, we can help. So long as you have an attorney working with you on your claim, you can seek legal funding in Newark. In fact, sometimes the negotiations are so protracted that we have clients come back for a second (or even third) lawsuit loan for the same case.

We have streamlined our application process. The information we will need includes:

  • The name of your attorney and law firm
  • The predicted value of your case
  • The expected length of your case
  • The area of law of your case

We believe in involving your legal team because they are the best resource to learn about your situation. Once you qualify, we will work with you and your attorney to determine how much New Jersey pre-settlement funding to offer you.

Once you are approved and contracts have been signed, we will have money in your account in as little as 24 hours.

Applying for Your Lawsuit Loan in Newark is Free!

If you’re ready to ease the financial burden of civil litigation and get the best settlement possible, a Newark lawsuit loan can help. You can get started by calling us at (866) 388-2288 or visiting our Apply Now page. We look forward to leveling the playing field so you can succeed in your fight for the compensation you deserve.

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