Lancaster Lawsuit Loans

You can pursue Lancaster lawsuit loans at your convenience. These loans offer financial assistance to plaintiffs entrenched in legal battles.

Lawsuit loans are viable options for plaintiffs who need immediate financial aid. They help plaintiffs cover their rent, car payments, and other bills until their legal case is finished. You can apply for and receive lawsuit funding at any stage of a legal proceeding as well.

Tribeca delivers Lancaster lawsuit funding for many different types of cases. We ensure that each pre-settlement funding quote is tailored to a plaintiff. And we provide legal funding that meets every plaintiff’s requirements.

Tribeca Can Help You Get a Lawsuit Loan in Lancaster with No Credit Check Necessary

Lawsuit loans differ from standard ones. These loans are classified as cash advances. They allow plaintiffs to receive money based on an expected financial settlement.

Comparatively, a bank or credit union offers standard loans. To obtain a standard bank or credit union loan, you can apply for one and receive a quote. The application process typically involves a credit check and a review of your personal finances. When this process is complete, you will receive a loan amount and a projected time frame for repayment.

When you get a lawsuit loan from Tribeca, you do not need to provide us with information about your credit or personal finances. Furthermore, our entire loan application process takes only a few minutes to complete. After you finish the process, we can approve your loan request within 24 hours. Perhaps best of all, you do not need to pay us back for your loan unless you win or settle your legal case.

Is It Necessary to Have a Lawyer Handle My Lawsuit Loan?

We require every client to hire a lawyer. This is mandatory, and there are no exclusions. We also find hiring a lawyer benefits both our clients and our team.

An attorney works in the best interest of their client. If you hire a lawyer, he or she pursues your legal claim and helps you earn as much money as possible from it. At the same time, your lawyer consults with you throughout the legal process. If your attorney has concerns or questions regarding your case, he or she contacts you right away.

Meanwhile, an attorney can take care of your lawsuit loan. With an attorney at your side, you can get legal funding in Lancaster with minimal effort. Your lawyer can help us process your lawsuit loan application and provide us with relevant information as needed. Plus, he or she can keep us up to date if our lawsuit funding specialists need guidance regarding your lawsuit loan request. Your attorney can even submit the payment for your lawsuit loan.

How Long Do I Have to Pay Back My Lawsuit Loan?

Our lawsuit loans are flexible. We do not put a time frame on when you will need to repay Lancaster legal funding. Conversely, we ensure you do not need to repay your loan until your legal case is closed.

Your case may conclude with financial compensation or a settlement. In either of these scenarios, you receive a check from an at-fault party. From here, your attorney can remit payment to us for your loan amount.

On the other hand, you may lose your case. In this instance, you are not held responsible for your lawsuit loan amount.

What Risks Are Associated with Pre-Settlement Funding in Lancaster?

Lawsuit loans are risk-free for plaintiffs. You can use Lancaster pre-settlement funding in any way you choose, for the duration of your legal case. The funding can help you keep debtors at bay, too.

If you win or settle your case, your lawyer deducts your lawsuit loan amount from your compensation total. And if you lose, you can hang on to the money we provided to you.

Are There Any Lawsuit Loan Limitations?

We offer legal funding anywhere from $500 to $1 million. Our legal funding specialists can determine your lawsuit loan amount based on the following factors:

  • The strength of your legal case
  • The projected timeline for your case
  • Your estimated compensation amount

We do not place any limitations on when you can apply for a lawsuit loan or how you use your pre-settlement funding, either. If you take advantage of lawsuit funding, we encourage you to use it to cover your bills as your case moves forward.

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Our pre-settlement funding specialists can explain lawsuit loans in detail. We can also provide tips and guidance to help you get the most value out of our legal funding. For more information, call us today or fill out our online application.

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