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Lawsuits occur, and they can be costly. This is particularly true for those who are in the middle of litigation and waiting for a settlement or jury verdict.

Here are some recent personal injury statistics to consider, as reported from TxDOT, in Dallas and throughout Dallas County:

  • There were 31,950 total crashes in Dallas in 2018, including 202 fatalities and 1,038 serious injuries.
  • There were 93 fatalities on urban interstates in Dallas County
  • Compare that to 89 fatalities that occurred on urban U.S. and state highways
  • In 2020, despite a decrease in traffic crashes, 731 people died in pedestrian-related accidents, an increase by 9 percent from 2019.
  • Bicycle accidents claimed the lives of 82 in 2020, up from 68 deaths the previous year.

Given this information, it is no wonder there are many personal injury victims in the Dallas area who have filed lawsuits and are in need of compensation for their damages. Our team members at Tribeca have helped clients, pre-settlement, through Allen lawsuit loans.

Common Injuries Covered by Allen Lawsuit Loans

Some of the most common personal injuries in Dallas reported in 2019 as a result of another’s act of negligence may be eligible for Allen lawsuit loans to cover your medical expenses pre-settlement, which includes:

  • Traumatic brain or back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Neck injuries, whiplash
  • Internal injuries or bleeding
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Disfiguring injuries or scars on the face
  • Loss of limbs, amputation
  • Knee, foot and ankle injuries
  • Shoulder, wrist and hand injuries
  • Cuts, bruises, road rash
  • Burns
  • Soft-tissue damage

With a lawsuit loan covered by Tribeca, we can assist you with recovering from a variety of damages during your prolonged case, such as:

  • Lost wages for income missed during your injury and for future work
  • Medical bills associated to your injury
  • Punitive damages in cases of gross negligence
  • General damages that cannot be measured, like pain and suffering

Common Claims Covered by Allen Lawsuit Loans

Here at Tribeca, we have covered so many personal injury lawsuit claims that are more common in the Dallas area through our pre-settlement loans, including:

  • Car/motorcycle/truck accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Birth injuries or negligence
  • Prescription drug side effects
  • Prescription refill errors
  • Maritime accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Product defects
  • Airbag injuries

Common Arguments Made by the Defense

Some common defense arguments we find our plaintiffs have to fight during their lawsuit cases only prolong the timeline, and it is why our clients desperately need our Allen lawsuit loans.

One strategy by the defense is to argue that the injured plaintiff is partially or totally at fault for said injuries; for example, the at-fault driver in a rear-end accident claims that the injured plaintiff failed to signal a lane change, so he/she is partially at-fault. According to Texas law, a plaintiff cannot recover compensation from damages if he or she is found to be 51 percent or more at fault. And, because of the argument of contributory negligence by the plaintiff, by the Texas law of modified comparative fault, if the injured plaintiff is found to be 20 percent at-fault for the accident, then damages awarded by a court would be reduced by 20 percent as well.

A few other defense arguments include:

  • Lack of fault by the defendant, claiming the injured plaintiff is fully responsible
  • Assumption of risk by the injured person in an obviously dangerous activity in which a waiver was signed
  • The plaintiff had pre-existing injuries or similar past injuries to the same area of the body
  • The suit was not filed prior to the expiration of the Texas statute of limitations

Our team of lawsuit loan professionals at Tribeca, along with your experienced attorney, will help you fight through these possible defense strategies, both legally and financially.

How Allen Lawsuit Loans Can Help You

If you are in the midst of a lawsuit in Texas and find yourself burdened by medical bills, an Allen lawsuit loan may just be the boost you need to be on track to get the money you deserve in your case settlement.

The lawsuit process can take months – even years – so a cash advance, ore pre-settlement funding can meet your needs before justice is met. Our lawsuit loan specialists have provided much-needed funds for clients during this slow-moving legal process. We are committed to helping you during this difficult time. You can use the funds from your lawsuit loan to pay:

  • Medical bills
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Utility bills
  • Daily expenses, like food or transportation
  • Missed work

To get started, apply now without any fees involved and call our office at 866-388-2288 if you have any questions about the legal funding process. We would be happy to help you understand the process and your funding options.

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