Waco Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuits are expensive to pursue and take a long time to finish. You may not have the income to finish your lawsuit all the way to the end. Should you face that injustice? We think not. Tribeca offers lawsuit loans in Waco to help plaintiffs finish their cases.

Our team now offers these loans in Waco, Texas. If you have a lawsuit in this city and you need money to cover your bills, keep pursuing your case, or for any reason at all, we can help you in as little as 24 hours.

How Do Waco Lawsuit Loans Work?

A lawsuit loan is not like a regular loan. It’s a kind of legal funding that works a bit like an IOU or a cash advance. After you agree to the loan, you do not have to worry about paying us back until your case finishes in your favor.

If you win your case, we take back what we loaned you plus interest with the help of your lawyer. Once they deduct their fees and ours, the rest of the money gets sent to you like a normal settlement. It’s taken care of all at once.

What if you lose your case? That’s the significant benefit of lawsuit loans. We are only permitted to take money from your settlement. If you don’t win, you don’t have to pay us back. It’s a little like the contingency agreements that personal injury lawyers use.

Lawsuit Loans in Waco, Texas: Are They Legal?

Lawsuit loans are legal in Waco and all across Texas, but they may seem too good to be true. They’re a recent development in the legal world, but many lawyers are turning to them to help their clients and even their firms win lawsuits.

As part of any lawsuit loan agreement, your lawyer has to agree to the deal as well. We also need their input to know your chances of success and the estimated value of your settlement. Thus, having a lawyer is a requirement for us to lend to you.

We also make a firm commitment to ethical lending to our clients. As a nationwide lender, Tribeca closely follows all state and federal laws about lending. We’re also leaders in establishing ethical standards in our industry. Take a look at our rates page for more information.

How Long Must I Wait to Get Waco Legal Funding?

For many cases that are cut-and-dry, you can get approval for legal funding in Waco in as little as 24 hours. If your case is more complicated, it can take a few days. We will need to speak with your lawyer, which could delay our decision until we can reach them. You can help by letting them know about your application.

Tribeca offers Waco lawsuit loans in amounts from $500 to $1 million. The value and strength of your case sets the amount we can lend. If you are eligible for a large loan amount, it may take time to get it deposited into your account due to federal regulations on money laundering.

We can say that eligible clients can often get their money quickly, usually in a week or two, after applying. The clearer your case value and chances of winning are, the faster we can decide and the faster we can get your money into your account.

Apply for Waco Pre-Settlement Funding for FREE

Applying for a lawsuit loan in Waco through Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is absolutely free. There is no risk or obligation in reaching out to us. To get your application for pre-settlement funding in Waco started, click on the Apply Now button or call us directly. We will ask you some questions about your case, then start our research.

Most personal injury cases will qualify if you have a lawyer. We will discuss the loan contract with you and you’re free to discuss it with your lawyer before signing. After you agree, we will put the money into your account as soon as possible under federal law.

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