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The cost and time of filing a lawsuit make many worthy plaintiffs give up before they even get started. Even if their lawyer only takes cases on contingency, it still takes a long time for lawsuits to finish. You could run out of money if you can’t work because of your case, pushing you to quit.

Does it have to be this way? Not at all, when you’ve got Tribeca! We offer lawsuit loans in Topeka and across the country to people with strong cases. You can get part of your settlement right now, before you win, by just answering a few simple questions about your case.

Rules on Lawsuit Loans in Topeka

Tribeca is a nationwide lender of pre-settlement funding, more commonly known as a lawsuit loan. Every state has its own regulations on this kind of lending, and we follow the strictest ones for all states to make things fair and easy.

Topeka lawsuit loans come with no particular regulations, though there have been attempts in the legislature to add some. Some rules we follow from other states include:

  • Only offering simple interest loans
  • All loans are exclusively non-recourse loans
  • Your interest rate will never vary
  • All of our fees are clear and up-front

Some of our competitors do not follow these rules and can put plaintiffs in a bind if they lose their case or if it goes on too long. Compound interest can be a huge issue in long and complex lawsuits. You could end up paying back much more than you think.

Is Legal Funding in Topeka Considered Non-Recourse?

Tribeca only offers non-recourse loans, period. A non-recourse loan protects our borrowers and transfers the risk to us. A non-recourse loan means that you don’t have to pay your Topeka legal funding back if your settlement cannot cover the loan balance.

Losing your lawsuit can devastate you because you’re now on the hook for all your expenses. It’s not fair for you to have another on top because of bad fortune. By making our loans non-recourse, you don’t have to worry about us ruining your credit, seizing your accounts, or putting liens on your property.

These are all things that can happen in traditional lending, which is why you should avoid traditional lenders when you’re seeking money for a lawsuit. You put yourself at substantial risk if you lose your case. Let us take on the risk of lending instead.

What Happens After I Win?

It’s natural to worry about how you’ll pay back a lender. Here’s how it works with Tribeca. Your lawyer handles paying us back out of your winnings before sending the remaining money to you. You don’t have to worry about a bill or call from us.

We also structure our loans so you still get a large payout in the end, assuming everything went well with your case. You deserve a large settlement after your experience, not suffer through seeing it taken up by fees and excessive interest.

Again, if you lose your case or get less than you thought, then you don’t have to pay us back once your settlement money is gone. Tribeca takes steps to analyze cases deeply before lending money so everyone can get paid, you, your lawyer, and us.

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We have pre-settlement funding in Topeka available for you. Applying for a lawsuit loan in Topeka is simple. Just call the number above or click the Apply Now button to contact us.

We will schedule an appointment to talk about your case and ask to speak with your lawyer. If your case looks strong, you could get approved for financing in as little as 24 hours. The application is free, so why not see if you’re eligible? Call or click anytime.

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