How Commerical Litigation Funding can help with Antitrust / Breach of Contract

Do you have a pending Antitrust lawsuit or Breach of Contract Tort lawsuit? Get a pre-settlement loan from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans to get your life back on track. 

These types of lawsuits are highly complex and therefore will take a long time before they conclude. In the meantime, bills need to be paid, and if you are already struggling financially, continuing a lawsuit may prove very difficult. For this reason, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans will help you with a pre-settlement loan in the form of a cash advance to cover any outgoings you need to cover. This includes your household bills, rent or mortgage repayments, medical costs, or any other unforeseen expenses.

What Is a Pre-settlement Loan?

Pre-settlement loans are specific financial products that were designed to help plaintiffs with medical, living, or any other costs while proceedings of a lawsuit are ongoing. People that have fallen victim to actions or non-action of large corporations often have to wait a long time before they see any form of settlement. As these lawsuits tend to stretch out over months or even years, plaintiffs only stand a chance to win with strong financial backing.

Pre-settlement loans are only repayable out of the settlement award at the end of your lawsuit.

What If I Lose My Antitrust / Breach of Contract Tort Case?

Legal lenders get their lawsuit loans repaid out of the awarded settlement. Therefore once approved of funding they have faith in your case winning. However, in the case of unforeseen circumstances that you might not win your case, you are protected by the non-recourse nature of the pre-settlement loan’s contract. This means you are not liable for the repayment of the loan if your lawsuit does not reach a settlement.

Do Pre-settlement Loans Have Monthly Repayments?

Another aspect of pre-settlement loans is that they do not have monthly repayments as required with regular loans. Lawsuit Loans are designed to help you through financial hardship and not give you additional expenses. The principal amount together with the interest will only be repayable when your lawsuit concludes. Pre-settlement loan companies like Tribeca Lawsuit Loans are happy to wait till the end of your lawsuit for repayment out of the awarded settlement. 

What do I need?

For a successful pre-settlement or litigation funding loan you will need the following:

  • A lawyer who has started the groundwork for your case. 
  • Evidence of the civil wrong that has been committed for Tort or Antitrust Lawsuits. Or the existence of the written agreement and evidence that the defendant has failed to honor the terms therein for breach of contract Lawsuits.  
  • Proof that the damages are a direct consequence of the defendant’s action or non-action.

How to Start The Application Process

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans understand that financial obligations can be time-sensitive and therefore created a quick application process. This is to issue applicants with cash advances as soon as possible so they can cover their bills. Commence your antitrust, breach of contract, or tort lawsuit loan application process, by giving Tribeca Lawsuit Loans a call to discuss your case. Once approved your pre-settlement loan in the form of a cash advance can be paid into your bank account, within 24 hours.

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