How Big of A Lawsuit Loan Can I Get For My Car Accident?

A Lawsuit Loan financier would generally fund your case, the value of which is determined by the settlement that is expected at the end of your lawsuit. Here are some things to know about Car Accident Lawsuit Loan valuations.

Aims Of Pre-settlement Funding For A Car Accident Lawsuit

Pre-settlement funding always has your best interest at heart. We know that proceedings of a lawsuit are in itself a stressful event, without taking into account other factors in your life that have been affected as a result. If you have been hospitalized, or are already recovering at home, the last thing you should worry about is where your next month’s paycheck is going to come from. Lawsuits can drag out for years to come, and it might be difficult to avoid being pressured by insurance companies to accept a reduced settlement. Pre-settlement funding from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans will remove all your financial worry, so you can recuperate, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

Pre-settlement funding for car accident loans is issued on the basis that you are going to get a settlement. So if you are offered one, you can be sure that you have a winning case. You will not have monthly repayments, or even need to worry in case you lose your claim, as the terms and conditions are non-recourse, which is legal jargon for “you won’t have to pay us back if you don’t win your case”, so you can consider a pre-settlement loan a 100% risk-free endeavor.

Value of Your Car Accident Lawsuit

A pre-settlement company, like Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, is here to help anyone in need with legal funding. We can issue lawsuit loans from amounts as small as $500 to $2,000,000 in anticipation of your court case’s settlement to compensate for any economic damages or non-economic (physical pain or emotional suffering) that you had to endure as a result of the accident.

For car accident Lawsuits, also called motor vehicle accident lawsuits, one of the key questions that will be asked is, who is liable for the damages and where will the settlement money be sourced from. If there is no car insurance company to take up responsibility then the chances of getting legal funding might be reduced. On the other hand, if it was a company car of a large corporation together with obvious fault to the driver, your eligibility for pre-settlement funding is increased significantly. 

Not all states uphold the same laws surrounding car accidents, some states uphold a cap on settlement awards or uphold at-fault laws, which means whoever causes the accident is solely responsible.

The value of your case is also determined by the severity of your injuries and the degree as to which your evidence is indisputable, this could be in the form of surveillance footage or multiple eyewitnesses. Together with the severity of your injuries will be a determining factor to the ultimate value of your lawsuit, of which 10-20% will be funded by legal financiers.

How Do I Apply For Pre-settlement funding?

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has accommodated the urgent aspect that is attached to pre-settlement loan applications, therefore we have streamlined the process to make it a stress-free and quick experience. We do not conduct employment or credit checks, the only requirements are that you have commences court proceedings. Get us in contact with your attorney who is working on your case as soon as possible and we will liaison further with them to get the organizational aspect of your pre-settlement loan application sorted. 

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