What Risks Are Involved in Pre-Settlement Legal Funding?

In the past few years, some media outlets have sounded the alarm about predatory lawsuit loans and the additional risk they pose for claimants. Though our name may appear similar, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans actually provides pre-settlement legal funding, which is structured more safely. In fact, there is no risk posed to you when you receive pre-settlement legal funding. As the lender, we take on all the risk. Pre-settlement legal funding is non-recourse debt, which means that the only repayment we can pursue is the collateral associated with the loan (in this case, a percentage of your eventual compensation or settlement package).

So what does all that mean for you? Simply put, pre-settlement legal funding involves no risks. You essentially borrow money from your future self through Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, since we are repaid an agreed-upon percentage of your eventual compensation once your lawsuit settles. You keep the rest of the money. We will NOT:

  • Sign you up for monthly payments
  • Garnish wages
  • Be repaid from your personal bank account

Once your case settles or you are awarded compensation in court, your lawyer will receive a payment check from the at-fault party. Then, they will write a repayment check to Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, and you keep the rest! No hidden fees, no effect on your credit score, and no risking your bank account.

If you are in the middle of a lawsuit, the process can be overwhelming. Often, it takes several months, sometimes more than a year, for a lawsuit to conclude. During that time, unfortunately, bills do not stop knocking at your door. You may need to pay rent, a mortgage, utility bills, daily expenses, medical costs, and a host of other items while you are struggling to get the opposing side to agree to a fair settlement. Get the pre-settlement legal funding you need from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans today and ease that financial pressure at no risk to you.

Ready to feel relief from the burden of a tortuous lawsuit process? Fill out the form on our Apply Now page to apply for pre-settlement legal funding FREE of charge. You can also call our office at (866) 388-2288 with any questions or concerns you may have about the funding and repayment processes.

When Your Lawsuit Resolves

Unlike predatory lending practices that can box you in to monthly payments even if you wind up losing your lawsuit, pre-settlement legal funding is designed to protect you. As non-recourse debt, it restricts the ability of the lender (Tribeca Lawsuit Loans) to pursue repayment from anything other than your compensation package. Your assets, paychecks, and bank account are all protected from any risk. Of course, there is one situation we often receive questions about…

What Happens if You Lose Your Lawsuit

Nothing in the justice system is guaranteed. In a perfect world, anyone harmed by the negligence or bad actions of someone else would be compensated without question. However, sometimes even the most seemingly clear-cut, slam-dunk lawsuit claims fall apart and the court sides with the other party. If you’re in this situation, don’t fret!

If you lose your lawsuit, you don’t owe us anything back! Since the “collateral” you secure your funding with is your compensation package, and since we cannot pursue any repayment other than collateral, a lack of a compensation package means you don’t have to repay us!

This is what we mean when we say that we take on all the risk. You don’t have to worry about losing your lawsuit only to be saddled with repayments, leaving you worse off just because you pursued what you believed you were owed.

Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Eligibility

You can apply for pre-settlement legal funding from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans for FREE, and a wide range of cases may qualify. For example, our underwriters have approved up to $1,000,000 in funds for clients whose lawsuits covered issues like:

  • Car accident cases
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Product liability
  • Defective drugs
  • Medical malpractice
  • Employment law
  • Whistleblower lawsuits
  • Qui Tam actions
  • Jones Act cases

As long as you are the claimant in an existing lawsuit, you could be qualified to receive pre-settlement legal funding from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. However, there are some additional factors that we consider before approving your case. These include the expected compensation package or settlement arrangement you will receive, how long your lawsuit should take to resolve, the specific details and strengths of your claim, and whether you are represented by skilled legal counsel.

We deal directly with your law firm or lawyer when it is time for repayment, so you must be represented by an attorney in order to be eligible for funding. Plus, it’s just a good idea. Studies show that clients who go into lawsuits with an attorney by their side tend to receive more compensation than others who don’t. This suggests that people who represent themselves are likely to leave the money they truly deserve on the table.

See Whether You Qualify for Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Today

If you are gearing up for, or in the middle of, a serious legal battle, you likely need funding to help tide you over while your case resolves. You can fill out the form on our Apply Now page totally FREE, and if you are approved, you can see anywhere from $500 to $1,000,000 in your account in as little as 24 hours!

There’s nothing to lose and no risk to worry about, so fill out the form today. If you have questions about your eligibility, the funding or repayment process, or just prefer to speak directly with a human being, call our office at (866) 388-2288 and a representative will be happy to help you.

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