Wilmington Lawsuit Loans

You can pursue Wilmington lawsuit loans from Tribeca. Our legal funding specialists can share insights into lawsuit loans and how they work. We can also help you get approved for pre-settlement funding within one business day.

We streamline the process of obtaining Wilmington lawsuit funding. When you work with us, we ensure you can receive a lawsuit loan that aligns with your expectations.

What Can I Get Out of a Lawsuit Loan?

Wilmington lawsuit funding offers an excellent alternative to a loan you receive from a bank or credit union. There are several reasons why.

A Wilmington lawsuit loan is nearly identical to a cash advance. It lets you borrow against a projected financial settlement from a legal case. Comparatively, a bank or credit union offers standard loan options. A bank or credit union loan can include a long list of terms and conditions. It can come with a high interest rate and substantial fees, too.

Ultimately, Wilmington pre-settlement funding offers less risk and more flexibility than traditional loan options. It is simple to obtain if you are in the midst of litigation and need immediate financial assistance.

What Is Required to Get a Lawsuit Loan in Wilmington?

Our sole requirement for Wilmington lawsuit loans: you need to hire an attorney. This is mandatory, regardless of your legal case.

The benefits of having an attorney at your side are twofold. First, you can receive comprehensive legal assistance as you move forward with your case. Furthermore, we can work with your lawyer to help you get legal funding without delay.

Your attorney serves as our partner in the Wilmington legal funding process. He or she provides us with details about your case. Your lawyer ensures you receive your legal funding and use it as needed. And he or she completes your loan repayment as well.

How Much Money Do I Need to Pay for Legal Funding?

We do not require you to pay anything toward your legal funding at first. You can fill out and submit your lawsuit loan application free of charge. If you are approved for a loan and accept it, you are not charged any fees. Or, if you forgo a lawsuit loan after you submit your application, you are not held responsible for any costs.

The only time you need to pay for your lawsuit loan: after you win or settle your legal case. At this time, you receive financial compensation from an at-fault party. Your attorney deducts your loan amount from this compensation. He or she sends us a check to repay your loan, and you are all set.

Do I Need to Pay Back My Lawsuit Loan if I Lose My Legal Case?

Our lawsuit loans are based on expected compensation from your legal case and other factors associated with it. Since they are not considered standard loans, you are under no obligation to repay them if you lose your legal case.

We take 100% of the risk with Wilmington lawsuit loans. If you lose your case, do not worry. At this point, keep your legal funding.

When Can I Apply for a Lawsuit Loan?

You can submit a lawsuit loan application via our website 24/7. Here are the steps you need to complete:

  • Access our website on your computer or mobile device. Go to our site and click on “Apply Now” in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Provide us with information about you and your legal case. Fill out our application form as best as you can; if we have follow-up questions, we will reach out.
  • Get approved. Receive lawsuit loan approval and a legal funding quote.

We send you a lawsuit loan contract to sign after your request is approved. Once we receive your signed contract, we send you a check for your legal funding in Wilmington.

How Long Do I Need to Wait to Receive My Lawsuit Loan Check?

We drop a lawsuit loan check in the mail right after we get your signed contract. The check should be delivered to you within a few days.

When you receive your lawsuit loan check, you can cash it immediately. Next, you can use your legal funding.

We want you to feel great about your lawsuit loan now and in the future. If you have concerns or questions after you receive your Wilmington pre-settlement funding, get in touch with us. Our legal funding specialists can offer assistance and guidance in the weeks and months after you get your loan.

Choose Tribeca for Your Legal Funding Needs

If you want the best legal funding options, partner with Tribeca. We offer lawsuit loans from a few hundred dollars up to $1 million. To learn more, call us or apply today.

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