Lewisville Lawsuit Loans

Because your lawsuit in Texas may take months – even years – until you see the money you deserve, a loan, also known as a cash advance or pre-settlement funding, may be needed until you and your attorney get justice. As one of the top lawsuit funding companies in the United States in 2021, Tribeca and our team of legal funding specialists are here to guide you through the Lewisville lawsuit loan options for you.

How Do You Get a Lawsuit Loan in Lewisville?

Here is how you get a lawsuit loan through Tribeca:

  • Apply for the loan: Tribeca does require that you are represented by an attorney to cut down on the risks taken on by our investors, but the next step for you is to get qualified online or by calling us on the phone. Make sure you have all of the information about your case handy, as well as your attorney’s contact info.
  • Get an evaluation: One of our legal funding specialists will then contact your attorney and we will evaluate all the details of your case.
  • Get approved: Once we review all of the information and decide that you are qualified, you will receive a contract you and your attorney will read thoroughly and you will sign.
  • Receive your funds: After your contract is completed and signed, you will receive the loaned money in two hours. Most other legal funding companies in Texas can only guarantee that the funds will be received in four hours or less.

What Types of Cases Are Eligible for a Lawsuit Loan in Lewisville?

First, you must be the plaintiff in your lawsuit in Lewisville, but there is no specific type of case that we help fund. Some of the many lawsuits we have assisted our clients with include:

  • Personal injury claims. Because personal injury lawsuits tend to take more time and more money, with medical bills and court fees quickly adding up, our team of professionals at Tribeca will work as quickly as possible to obtain your risk-free funds.
  • Medical malpractice suits. If you had a medical procedure performed incorrectly by the attending doctor and you are now suffering complications because of that, we are here to at least help alleviate that pile of bills. This type of lawsuit can also apply to a medical device that was improperly implanted or is not working as it was supposed to, to improve your health, which can be expensive.
  • Labor law. Legal funding for your labor law claim can cover the medical expenses you have been forced to pay because of your injury while on the job and wages missed because you are out of work. Tribeca will find the funds to support you when your employer has let you down due to occupational hazards or negligence.
  • Employment disputes. To go up against a large employer will take a lot of time, stress, and money. We are here to help fund you while you do this.
  • Auto accidents. When you and your family are involved in an auto accident and not at fault, we know how much you may be suffering, both physically and emotionally. Tribeca will assist you with the legal funds needed, so you can get your money sooner and get back to your life.
  • Jones Act claims. Also known as the Merchant Marine Act, the Jones Act protects anyone who has been injured on the job while working on a ship, barge, or oil rig, which is common in the Gulf. Even though those working at sea cannot get workers’ compensation, they can still be compensated through this act, and we will make sure you receive the funding while you fight for your rights.

Are Lawsuit Loans in Lewisville Ethical?

Thanks to the actions of some ethical lenders out there, we know that there are still a lot of questions out there about ethical issues that may be tied to lawsuit loans. We can assure you that, due to the regulations and legal ethical rules set by the state of Texas, lawsuit funding is perfectly ethical. Texas, in fact, helped in pioneering the use of contingency fees, and lawsuit funding is an extension of that.

Your debt is non-recourse, which means Tribeca cannot touch the funds of your lawsuit and we are repaid only on the percentage agreed upon in our contract. It is risk-free. If you lose your case, you do not owe us anything.

How Do You Get Started with a Lawsuit Loan in Lewisville?

Until you receive compensation you deserve from your lawsuit, our legal funding specialists will help you acquire a Lewisville lawsuit loan to cover your expenses that have piled up along the way. Apply now online or call our office to discuss your funding strategies.

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