Top Lawsuit Funding Companies in the US [Updated 2023]

There are many companies now giving ‘lawsuit loans’. This can make it hard for plaintiffs to know where to go for a cash advance. We’ve made a list of the best lawsuit loan companies to make this choice easier for you.

When you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit, you may be faced with rising debt. When the defense offers mere pennies on the dollar for a case your attorney insists is worth much more — what can you do? This is the common problem pre-settlement funding was designed to solve. It serves as a cash advance on your future settlement so you can pay the bills you have today.

There’s no shortage of pre-settlement funding companies to choose from if you’re searching for legal funding and lawsuit loans. But not all of them are reputable, and some are downright predatory. Nevertheless, there are fine companies that could be better-suited partners depending on your needs and the specifics of your case.

Who Is The Best Rated Pre-Settlement Funding Company?

best pre-settlement funding companies

There are many great cash advance companies out there, but in our opinion, the best pre-settlement company is Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. With 20 years experience, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has established itself as a top-ranked leader in the legal funding industry.

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At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we strive to provide you with the best legal funding options in the country. We are a legal finance company that offers lawsuit loans for a broad array of cases. We are deeply invested in making democracy and justice more accessible to all. Your finances should not be a barrier to getting the fair hearing and compensation your case deserves.

Keeping that in mind, we have prepared this guide to the best case funding companies in the nation to help you choose a settlement loan company. We hope to help you find the pre-settlement legal lender who can help you best achieve justice – even if it’s not us.

10 of the Best Lawsuit Funding Companies

If you need a lawsuit loan, it’s critical that you work with a legal finance company of integrity that protects your interests — not just their bottom line.

Here are the 10 top-rated lawsuit funding companies in the U.S.:

  1. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans – (866) 388-2288
  2. US Claims – (877) US Claims
  3. America Lawsuit Loans – (888) 335-3537
  4. Direct Legal Funding – (866) 941-5588
  5. Legal Bay – (877) 571-0405
  6. DRB Capital – (877) 300-1674
  7. Peachtree Financial Solutions – (866) 581-6225
  8. Liberty Settlement Funding – (855) 643-0333
  9. Signal Funding – (800) 635-1167
  10. Oasis Financial – (877) 333-6680

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering taking out a lawsuit loan, you’ll have some questions about these legal funding companies. Here are some of the most common questions we find our clients asking:

How do I find the lowest-cost pre-settlement funding company?

You can find the lowest-cost pre-settlement funding for your case by keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Interest rates: Some companies will charge different interest rates depending on your credit score and how strong they feel your case to be. Be wary of compound interest rates that can result in larger repayments.
  • Maximum principal loan amount: The higher the cash advance you get, the more you have to repay. Talk to funding companies to find out how much money they think you’ll need in pre-settlement funding. Avoid borrowing more money than you need for your expenses.
  • Additional fees, if any: Always read the fine print. Some companies may have hidden fees for costs like underwriting, document preparation, and delivery. These surcharges can add up to a hefty sum that will reduce your compensation.
  • Percentage versus flat-rate fees: Some companies may charge the same amount for similar transactions. Others may charge a percentage based on the number of documents or transactions conducted.

Always ask your licensed funding company to provide a comprehensive breakdown of all their fees, including how often these fees are applied. This will help you save thousands of dollars in unforeseen charges on your lawsuit loan.

Where can I find pre-settlement loans near me?

You can find pre-settlement loans near you by looking up the terms “lawsuit loan company” or “pre-settlement funding company” online. Search engines will typically display nearby pre-settlement funding companies on the first results page.

If you’ve already looked up “pre-settlement loans near me”, but want to know more about a company’s reputation, check established review sites like TrustPilot. These provide testimonials and helpful feedback from actual customers that won’t hold back on criticism.

These review sites also indicate how long a company has been lending, the average amount that clients get in loans, and whether they’ve had trouble repaying their cash advances. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans confidently points to our TrustPilot with no reservations because of our multiple benefits and consistently high ratings.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has been offering pre-settlement funding for 30 years, providing excellent customer service and flexible lending policies on a case-to-case basis. We do not require a credit score check, have no hidden fees, and offer free case consultations before you apply for a loan.

We offer loans of up to $2 million for different personal injury lawsuits across multiple states. Check out our TrustPilot page and see for yourself why we’re one of America’s top lawsuit funding companies.

What are class action lawsuit loan companies?

These are companies that give pre-settlement funding for cases that involve multiple plaintiffs. Also known as mass torts, class actions are cases involving several people who have been injured by a company or a product.

Class action lawsuits can take months or even years to settle because of the amount of evidence needed on the severity of injuries, responsibility of the company or manufacturer, and amount of fair compensation for each plaintiff.

If a company’s actions have negatively impacted your physical and/or mental health, you may be one of many who can file a class action lawsuit for rightful compensation. However, while a class action lawsuit is being tried in court, your bills for medical care and daily expenses will start piling up. At-fault entities know this and will try to delay cases to force plaintiffs to accept lowball settlements.

A class action lawsuit loan can help you stay afloat while waiting so you win your rightful compensation. Contact us if you need lawsuit funding. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has provided loans to plaintiffs in cases involving Camp Lejeune, 3M earplugs, IVC Filters and Hernia Mesh, as well as defective drugs like Truvada.

What is a Lawsuit Loan Cash Advance?

There are many terms for pre-settlement funding companies and the lawsuit loans they offer. While the words change, the essence of litigation funding remains the same. It acts as a risk-free cash advance on future compensation for your lawsuit case. Legal finance companies use your future settlement as the collateral on the lawsuit loan, giving you access today to the funds you will win when the case settles.

How Can Lawsuit Loans Be Risk-Free?

Lawsuit loans should always be structured as non-recourse loans. A non-recourse loan is very different from typical loans like home loans, car loans, and credit. A lawsuit loan uses your future compensation as the loan’s collateral. Because the loan is non-recourse, your future compensation is the sole source of money that can be used to repay the loan. Your income, assets, and property can never be attached to repay a lawsuit loan. The lender has no recourse to access your personal finances. In fact, if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to repay the loan!

This is why litigation funding companies say lawsuit loans are “risk-free.” Your personal finances are at no risk with a non-recourse loan.

When and How Do I Repay It Back?

Because a lawsuit loan is a non-recourse loan, there is no need to make any payment until your settlement is funded. At that point, the system of repayment is simple:

  • Your attorney receives a check for the total compensation.
  • Your attorney cuts a check for the agreed-upon portion to repay the loan and sends it to the legal finance company.
  • Your attorney deducts their fees and sends you the balance.

Repaying the loan from a pre-settlement funding company is really that simple.

I Have Bad Credit. Can I Still Get a Lawsuit Loan?

Because lawsuit loans are non-recourse, your credit rating, income, property, and other assets should have no effect on whether you qualify for the loan. The best pre-settlement funding companies will never ask you for sensitive financial information because it has no part in repaying your loan.

If a legal finance company asks to run a credit report or investigates your finances, something is wrong. Either their loans are not structured as non-recourse, or they intend to sell your personal information. Either way — run!

How Will Interest Rates Be Calculated on a Lawsuit Loan?

Most litigation funding companies charge interest on their lawsuit loans. However, some legal financing companies advertise that they charge no interest at all. They charge a “fixed fee” instead. This is your cue to grab your wallet and read the fine print. This pay structure will eat right through your future compensation and may leave you with nothing.

They will charge only a simple, non-compounding interest rate. When speaking to you and your lawyer, a settlement funding company will assess your loan application on a case-by-case basis. They will determine the probability of winning and how much your settlement might be. Depending on these factors, the funding company will set an interest rate and explain it to you clearly.

Most reputable litigation funding companies will not charge one base interest rate. After consulting with your lawyer and before signing any official documents, you should know exactly what the interest is that they are charging you.

They should explain everything about the pre-settlement loan and interest rate in easy-to-understand language. This is critical, especially with the terms and conditions. There should be no hidden fees. The lender should be willing to help you with any questions you have about the loan and the application process.

If a legal lender is being difficult or pressuring you into signing when you do not fully understand the terms and conditions, find another institution. It can be very damaging to enter into a contract without fully understanding the details.

Will a Pre-settlement Funding Company Work Directly With My Lawyer?

They will always ask to speak to the lawyer representing you. If the company you’re considering doesn’t, it may be a good idea to consider a different firm.

Your attorney has vital information that a litigation funding company needs to fully understand your specific need and facilitate an appropriate loan for you. In addition, your lawyer is crucial in helping the legal lender evaluate how much pre-settlement funding to offer you.

This matters a great deal because if you’re aiming to find the best lawsuit loan, you’ll want to ensure that you come out of the entire experience with a significant portion of your compensation intact. Unfortunately, too many litigation funding companies are happy to let you run through your entire settlement just to repay a larger loan than necessary. If the company’s sole concern is making as much money as possible, they are not looking out for your best interest, and you need to work with someone else.

Do I Need an Attorney to Get a Lawsuit Loan?

The pre-settlement funding companies will require that you have legal representation for your lawsuit. This protects both the lender’s interests and your own. Studies repeatedly show that experienced litigation attorneys are far more likely to win a case than individuals who represent themselves. The trained lawyer also consistently wins far higher compensation than those who represent themselves.

How Complicated is a Lawsuit Loan Application Process?

We have simplified our lawsuit loan applications to just three simple steps:

  • You Apply: You provide your contact information and your attorney’s, the type of lawsuit you have, and the state where you are suing.
  • Application Evaluation: The legal finance company’s underwriters contact your attorney, crunch the numbers and determine the loan to offer.
  • Get Funded: Once all the loan documents have been signed, the litigation funding company will deposit your money into your account.

A critical point to consider when applying for a lawsuit loan. The best pre-settlement funding companies will charge no upfront fees. If there is a fee to apply or to process your loan application, this is not a company you should be doing business with.

How Quickly Can the Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Be Paid Out?

The average cost of a car accident in the U.S. is $78,900. Bills need to get paid, and legal finance companies know that time is of the essence. Therefore when all the legal documents have been signed, cash advances will be transferred usually within 48 hours. Reliable settlement funding companies will make sure the transfer is completed swiftly.

However, when you are in financial distress, it is easy to mistake “fast” legal lending for “good.” Therefore, look beyond the promised speed of a legal finance company to truly judge their quality.

What Qualities Make for the Best Lawsuit Loan Companies?

Legal lending is an honorable profession that helps people achieve the compensation they deserve. However, not all legal finance companies are reputable. There are plenty of sharks out there just looking to make a fast buck. When seeking out lenders, look for institutions that do (or don’t do) the following:

  • Charge simple, non-compounding interest rates.
  • Do not charge a “fixed fee.”
  • Do not charge application or processing fees.
  • Do not charge e-signature fees.
  • Do not charge excessive delivery and handling fees.
  • Do not charge brokerage fees.
  • Communicate well with your attorney.
  • Answer your questions clearly and in full.
  • Fund quickly, but never rush you to commit to a loan.
  • Have excellent reviews from previous clients.

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We’ve covered the following:

  • What a normal lawsuit loan application process looks like.
  • What to look for in the >top lawsuit settlement funding companies with the lowest rate.
  • Red flags you should be aware of.

Now, let’s take a closer look at our 10 top-rated lawsuit funding companies in the U.S.


1. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans – (866) 388-2288

Headquartered in New York and Los Angeles, Tribeca Capital Group is a reputable pre-settlement funding company run by Rory Donadio. They help plaintiffs through financial hardship during expensive trials.

Tribeca’s settlement loans are 100% risk-free, as they are structured as non-recourse loans. This means you only pay back the cash advance when you win your case and have received the settlement.

Tribeca deals with nearly every type of lawsuit and is always happy to find a way to help you. Therefore, each case is assessed individually. This legal finance company speaks directly with your lawyer, and the application process is simple and fast. Within 48 hours, they can have a cash advance paid out to you.

Attorney at Law Magazine agrees: Tribeca Lawsuit Loans Rated #1 for Better Lawsuit Loans.

2. US Claims – (877) USClaims

According to USClaims funding reviews, this is one of the best settlement funding companies because, with over 20 years of experience, they were one of the first. Legal lending is still a young industry, and USClaims was there from the beginning. This is a friendly company with excellent client service. They offer settlement loans for a variety of cases, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Surgery funding
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Premises liability
  • Slip and fall accidents

Their pre-settlement funding can be used to pay your household bills or cover any legal expenses you have. You can receive the lawsuit funding loan within 48 hours, with the exception of the weekend.

3. America Lawsuit Loans – (888) 335-3537

America Lawsuit Loans is a Florida-based legal finance company. They offer cash advances on their client’s future lawsuit settlement packages. Like every company on this list, their lawsuit loans need only to be paid back when you win your case.

Approval of a lawsuit loan happens in 48 hours. They specialize in a large range of different cases, including product liability, personal injury, car accidents, and employment cases. They do not perform credit checks, and the approval depends solely on the individual cases.

Direct Legal Funding is a New York-based litigation funding company that helps with cash advances when you are facing a lawsuit. Direct Legal Funding will speak to your lawyer to assess if you are eligible.

They deal with cases of personal injuries, car accidents, and workers’ compensation. They operate on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Legal Bay is a New Jersey-based pre-settlement funding company. Helping injured parties with legal funding when facing a lawsuit so you can pay your bills or cover expensive legal fees. They will speak to your attorney to determine whether you are eligible for financing.

Legal Bay deals with various different cases, including wrongful imprisonment, sexual harassment, and wrongful death, to name a few. They have a simple online application form, and they approve legal funding in 48 hours.

6. DRB Capital  – (877) 300-1674

Based out of Delray Beach, Florida, DRB Capital helps with structured settlements and is specialized in annuities. They deal with lawsuits related to personal Injury, medical malpractice and others.

DRB Capital has an excellent reputation on multiple independent review platforms and has been in business for over a decade strong.

7. Peachtree Financial Solutions – (866) 581-6225

Based in Pennsylvania, Peachtree Financial Solutions is a legal finance company that provides loans to people facing lawsuits using their future settlements as the loan’s collateral. The lending amount depends on the value of your potential settlement. They will deal with your lawyer directly, who will then need to fill out the claim form, after which a contract will be sent to them.

Peachtree Financial Solutions deals mainly with product liability, personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and premises liability claims. They approve loans within 48 hours, and they can have the money in your bank account in up to 3 days, depending on the amount.

8. Liberty Settlement Funding – (855) 643-0333

Liberty Settlement Funding is a Florida-based personal injury funding company. They help people in financial need with pre-settlement funding to pay their regular expenses on top of potential medical bills and an expensive lawsuit. They will look at your individual case and cater to your specific needs.

This litigation funding company has a quick approval procedure and can have funds paid out within 48 hours. They have experience with premises liability, work injuries, product liability, Jones Act cases, medical malpractice, mass tort, road accident cases, and many more.

9. Signal Funding – (800) 635-1167

Based in Florida, Signal Funding offers lawsuit funding loans assessed within 48 hours with an easy application process. They deal with accidents, product, and premises injury cases, workplace accidents, and worker’s compensation claims.

Signal Funding pre-settlement funding or consumer litigation funding is non-recourse based, like the other companies on this list, which gives them a no-win-no-fee structure.

10. Oasis Financial – (877) 333-6680

Founded in 2003, Oasis Financial has emerged as one of the best pre-settlement loan companies in the United States. The company’s founders are attorneys who saw how their clients struggled to pay their bills during a lawsuit. As its namesake suggests, Oasis Financial seeks to offer a financial reprieve to those seeking justice.

Oasis Financial has a sterling reputation and carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, making it a reputable partner for anyone seeking legal funding. Their amount of legal funding ranges from $500 to $100,000. Over nearly two decades since its inception, the company has assisted over 250,000 clients in securing the compensation they deserve.

Make The Right Choice

At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we help plaintiffs resist the delays and lowball offers from defense attorneys so they can win the compensation they deserve. We welcome your questions before, during, and after the loan application process. You can contact us online or give us a call at (866) 388-2288. A friendly team member will be happy to assist you!

You can apply for a lawsuit loan by phone or visit our Apply Now page to get started! Soon, the financial pressure will ease so you can get the compensation your case deserves.

7 Best of the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Lawyers

Best Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Lawyers

This article is your go-to resource for finding outstanding Camp Lejeune lawsuit attorneys, spotlighting their proficiency and track record in handling water contamination and related issues at the military base.

It is essential to have a trustworthy advocate on your side if you or someone you love has been impacted by the Camp Lejeune water contamination and is looking to take legal action. Selecting a knowledgeable and competent Camp Lejeune litigation attorney might significantly impact your quest for justice and recompense.

We have put together a list of the top 7 Camp Lejeune lawyers to assist you in your search. These attorneys were chosen for their knowledge, success rates, and dedication to defending the rights of the water contamination victims like you.

How Do I Get a Cash Advance On My Camp Lejeune Settlement?

camp lejeune lawsuit update

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans provides legal funding for Camp Lejeune litigants. If you are to receive a settlement from the Camp Lejeune lawsuit please click the yellow “Apply Now” button below and fill out the form to schedule a time to speak with one of our specialists.  For immediate assistance, call (866) 388-2288.

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Pope McGlamry

Attorney ProfileCaroline McGlamry

Since joining Pope McGlamry in 2013, Caroline has devoted the majority of her professional efforts to defending plaintiffs in cases involving mass torts, product liability, wrongful death, and personal injury. In August 2021, Caroline acquired shares of the company.

Her practice areas include but are not limited to the following: Class Action Lawsuits, Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawsuits, Personal Injury, and Construction Accidents.

At the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, Pope McGlamry is defending military personnel and their families who have been harmed by contaminated water. Water at Camp Lejeune was tainted from 1953 to 1987 by hazardous chemicals that have been connected to cancer, birth deformities, Parkinson’s disease, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and other diseases..

National Security Law Firm

Attorney ProfileBrett O’Brien

Veteran and cancer survivor Brett O’Brien is the firm’s founding attorney. While serving in Fort Sam Houston, JBSA, Brett was exposed to PFAS—poly-fluoroalkyl substances—harmful chemicals that were present in the base water. These substances were included in the base’s firefighting foam to put out flames. When stationed at JBSA, levels in the base’s water were found to be higher above the EPA’s suggested limit of 10 parts per billion (“ppb”).

In terms of his legal background, Brett’s exceptional mix of knowledge in military law and personal injury is unrivaled. The largest personal injury law company in New Jersey, Levenson Axelrod, was where Brett had his first employment as an attorney. He defended injured persons in their lawsuits against significant businesses, people, and governmental organizations as a personal injury attorney.

His background in military law also offers your case several benefits. The majority of attorneys offering their services as Camp Lejeune attorneys are civilian personal injury attorneys without any background in military law. Aside from not having experience with military matters, civilian personal injury attorneys will not be able to help you with other crucial components of your Camp Lejeune claim, such as requesting VA disability benefits and receiving advice and counsel regarding medical retirement because of your injuries, among other relevant considerations.

White Allen

Attorney ProfileDavid J. Fillippeli, Jr.

He has been granted permission to represent clients in all North Carolina state courts, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States Supreme Court, and the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.

David is an affiliate of the North Carolina Bar Association, the North Carolina State Bar, the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers, and the Lenoir County Bar Association in addition to the American Bar Association. He served as president of both the Eighth Judicial District Bar Association and the Lenoir County Bar Association in the past.

David focuses his practice on litigation with a focus on domestic, criminal, and personal injury law.

Shane Kennedy Law

Attorney Profile:  Shane Kennedy

Shane Kennedy was chosen as a Rising Star in 2019 and has subsequently been chosen every year. Rising Stars is a selective list of the best lawyers in a given professional area who were selected after careful consideration of several factors. Family law, personal injury, criminal charges, and traffic citations are just a few of his practice areas.

Horton & Mendez Injury Attorneys

Attorney ProfileDevlin K. Horton

The firm’s principal trial attorney is Devlin. He concentrates on litigating major wrongful death and personal injury claims vigorously. Devlin has tried a number of cases in state and federal court to judgments from juries. Additionally, he has a history of successfully resolving significant disputes for clients before trial.

It matters that Devlin has experience. He spent years defending legal actions on behalf of businesses and insurance providers at a sizable multistate law company. Devlin has an advantage when dealing with the defense during litigation and at trial thanks to this experience.

Buzzard Law Firm

Attorney ProfileRobert A. Buzzard

Richard A. (Tony) Buzzard has more than 20 years of trial experience and is well-versed in both state and federal courts. Tony has a focus on civil and criminal litigation and has defended both the accused and those injured. Tony Buzzard is a second-generation lawyer and the son of Lynn R. Buzzard, a highly regarded legal scholar. Tony is one of a select group of attorneys who have won a jury award in excess of $1 million on behalf of an injured client. Tony has been named one of the top 100 trial lawyers in the United States and one of the top ten trial lawyers in North Carolina as a result of his success in court.

Nicolet Law

Attorney ProfileRussel Nicolet

The goal of Russell Nicolet has always been to support people in difficult situations. With the goal to assist individuals through some of the most trying circumstances they would ever encounter, he decided to become an attorney and has since incorporated this personal philosophy into his work.

At all times, Russell wants to put his clients in a better situation than they were before they came to him. Numerous national media sources have interviewed Russell, and he has been cited in renowned periodicals including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc.,, The Huffington Post, and He is a member of a number of organizations, including the Wisconsin Association for Justice, the Minnesota Bar Association, and the Wisconsin Bar Association.

What You Must Know About Camp Lejeune

In Jacksonville, North Carolina, there is a base for the US Marine Corps designated as Camp Lejeune. It has a long history and is crucial to the military. The base has, however, also been tarnished by a controversy involving water poisoning, which has had serious repercussions for military men and their families. The history of Camp Lejeune, the water pollution problem, its effects, the legal issues involved, and the vital role played by Camp Lejeune litigation attorneys will all be covered as you read on this blog.

The History of Camp Lejeune

In honor of the distinguished Marine leader Lieutenant General John Archer Lejeune, Camp Lejeune was founded in 1941 as a training center for the Marine Corps during World War II. The site was crucial in preparing Marines for combat operations, and it has since been a crucial training and operating hub.

Camp Lejeune has played a role in several significant historical events over the course of time. Throughout the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and other military battles, it operated as an instructional area for troops. The facility has also seen improvements in military strategy, gear, and technology. It serves as evidence of the bravery and commitment of the American Marine Corps over time.

The Role of Camp Lejeune in the Military

In the context of American defense, Camp Lejeune is of the greatest significance. It acts as the hub for combat preparedness training, featuring amphibious assault, infantry, and artillery training. Several units and commands that are in charge of crucial tasks all around the world are based at the site. The amenities and strategic position of Camp Lejeune make it an essential resource for the Marine Corps.

Environmental Issues at Camp Lejeune

A base for the US Marine Corps called Camp Lejeune, was founded in North Carolina in 1942. Particular volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were found by the Marine Corps in 1982 in two of the eight water treatment facilities on the station.

Understanding the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Scandal

After discovering that the base’s water supply had been tainted for many years, Camp Lejeune’s history took an unfortunate turn. The health and well-being of military men and their families have been significantly impacted by this water-contaminating problem.

Nature and Scope of Water Contamination

Perchloroethylene (PCE) or tetrachloroethylene emerged as the critical contaminant in water coming from the Tarawa Terrace water treatment facility. The waste management procedures at the off-base dry cleaning business ABC One-Hour Cleaners were the cause of the pollution. Historical contaminant concentrations were reconstructed by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) employing data analysis and modeling techniques. ATSDR calculated that between November 1957 and February 1987, a period of 346 months, PCE concentrations in drinking water from the Tarawa Terrace water treatment facility surpassed the current EPA limit contaminant threshold of 5 ppb. In February 1985, the most polluted wells were closed.

At the Hadnot Point water treatment facility, TCE (trichloroethylene) was the primary water pollutant. Other contaminants detected in drinking water were PCE, benzene, vinyl chloride, and trans-1,2-DCE (t-1,2-dichloroethylene), which develops when TCE is broken down. There are several reasons, including industrial spills, underground storage tank breaches, waste disposal facilities, and contaminated supply wells. According to ATSDR’s modeling of the pollution, between August 1953 and January 1985, at least one VOC was discovered to have exceeded the current EPA limit contamination level in drinking water.

Impacts on Military Personnel and Families

The health impacts of exposures to contaminants detected in Camp Lejeune’s drinking water worry ATSDR. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were present in the drinking water coming from the Tarawa Terrace and Hadnot Point treatment facilities prior to 1986. The ATSDR conducts health studies to assess specific birth defects (neural tube defects, cleft lip, cleft palate), childhood cancers (leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma), adult cancers, and other chronic diseases due to illnesses resulting from prior exposures to toxic drinking water contaminants at the base. In addition, the controversy has had unintended psychological and social repercussions like family upheaval, financial hardship, and emotional pain.

Official Response and Remediation Efforts

The military authorities responded to the issue of contaminated water by taking appropriate action. The impacted wells were sealed up, and initiatives were undertaken to offer alternative sources of clean water. Large-scale cleanup measures, comprising water treatment systems and monitoring programs, have been made at the site recently. The contamination’s long-term repercussions, nevertheless, are still a cause for concern.

Legal Aspect of the Camp Lejeune Contamination

Several cases have been filed in response to the Camp Lejeune water poisoning crisis, defining new legal standards and posing significant issues of responsibility and restitution.

Overview of Lawsuits Associated with Camp Lejeune

Individuals impacted by Camp Lejeune water poisoning have filed several lawsuits. These legal actions sought redress, damages, and acknowledgment of the harm the tainted water had caused. Military soldiers, their relatives, and rights advocacy organizations have all participated in the legal dispute.

Legal Precedents Set by Camp Lejeune Cases

Military and environmental law has been significantly impacted by the Camp Lejeune trials. They highlighted the significance of holding liable those who are guilty of their actions while simultaneously ensuring that military members and their families are shielded. The verdicts in these cases have changed legislation pertaining to military base operations and environmental stewardship and established precedents for future environmental litigation.

The Role of the U.S. Government and Veterans Affairs

The U.S. government has come under fire concerning the management of the Camp Lejeune water pollution issue. While others claim the government’s response was insufficient, others insist that there were actions made to solve the controversy. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognizes the connection between pollution and health concerns, which served a significant role in offering medical assistance and benefits to afflicted veterans and their families.

The Honoring Our PACT Act of 2022 was enacted by the Presidential Proclamation on August 10, 2022. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 (CLJA), Section 804, permits persons who were exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune to initiate new cases.

The Crucial Role of Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Lawyers

Lawyers from Camp Lejeune have been extremely important in advocating for those afflicted by water contaminants and battling for their liberties and recompense.

Choosing the Right MDL Lawyer

It is essential for people taking legal action relating to Camp Lejeune to choose the best attorney. It is crucial to take experience, environmental legal knowledge, and prior experience taking situations similar to yours into account when selecting representation. Clients should assess the attorney’s capacity for empathy and assistance throughout the legal procedure as well as their communication abilities.

How Lawsuit Lawyers Aid in Camp Lejeune Cases

Lawyers for the Camp Lejeune case are essential in helping their clients through all stages of the legal process. For them to establish a strong case, they first meticulously gather evidence, which involves gathering medical records, getting expert testimony, and looking at historical information about the water contamination.

Additionally, these attorneys ensure that their clients fully comprehend their rights, available alternatives, and possible results by guiding them through the complicated legal difficulties regarding Camp Lejeune matters. Finally, these lawyers give advocacy and representation in court, fervently defending their clients’ interests, putting out strong arguments, and securing a positive outcome. Their knowledge and dedication are crucial in the fight for restitution and justice for Camp Lejeune’s water-contaminating victims.

Success Stories of Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Lawyers

On the side of their clients, Camp Lejeune litigation attorneys have won a number of notable cases. These triumphs have highlighted the value of environmental stewardship and accountability while also providing impacted parties with justice and compensation. The success tales serve as illustrations of how taking legal action may change things and inspire others to look for justice.

According to the U.S. Navy, 5,000 claims about the tainted water at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina have been made in the first month since new laws removed barriers for the cases, perhaps creating one of the biggest mass legal cases in American history. A million individuals are believed to have been subjected to contamination, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and lawyers anticipate that up to 500,000 claims may be initiated.

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act, which was integrated into the PACT Act, was written by Edward Bell of Bell Legal Group. He said that his firm submitted 2,900 claims on its initial day and an additional 3,000 in the first month.

The Bottomline and Path Forward

The Camp Lejeune water contamination issue has had a significant impact on military personnel’s and their families health and well-being. It acts as a sobering reminder of the significance of environmental responsibility and concern inside military organizations.

The military community and surrounding areas are now better protected because of improvements in environmental and health regulations and legislation brought about by what was experienced at Camp Lejeune. The future of Camp Lejeune-related cases is still being shaped by ongoing litigation, which may have an influence on environmental regulations and the rights of those who are harmed.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans could provide you with legal funding if you intend to pursue or have already filed a Camp Lejeune contaminated water case. Seeking to determine the funds that we are able to deposit into your account in a matter of days will definitely help you as you traverse your legal proceedings. Contact us at (866) 388-2288, we will be pleased to lend a hand. Or, to reach us online, go to our Apply Now page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical costs of hiring a Camp Lejeune lawyer?

The expense of engaging a Camp Lejeune litigation attorney could vary. Many attorneys only get paid if they win the lawsuit and get their clients’ money, which is known as a contingency fee arrangement. It is recommended to talk about costs and payment plans with the attorney during the first meeting.

Can military personnel sue the government for incidents like Camp Lejeune?

Yes, military soldiers and their families have the legal right to file a lawsuit against the government for occurrences like Camp Lejeune water contamination. However, when the government is involved, the legal procedure and criteria may be different. To fully grasp the precise alternatives and processes available, it is essential to speak with an expert attorney.

How do I know if I’m eligible to file a lawsuit related to Camp Lejeune?

It relies on several variables, including exposure to the contaminants, the associated health issues, and the relevant legislation, whether or not a Camp Lejeune claim is admissible. A Camp Lejeune attorney you consult with can assist you determine your eligibility based on your particular situation.

What is the typical timeline for a Camp Lejeune case?

The timing of a Camp Lejeune lawsuit can change based on a range of variables, including the intricacy of the case, the parties involved, and the legal processes. While some lawsuits may be settled through settlement negotiations, others can proceed to trial, lengthening the process overall. With the help of your attorney, you may better comprehend the particulars of your case by talking about timetables.

How has the Camp Lejeune case impacted environmental laws in the U.S.?

Environmental legislation in the US has been significantly impacted by the Camp Lejeune water contamination case. To prevent such occurrences, it prompted legislative action, policy modifications, and tighter controls.

The incident brought attention to how important it is for military and governmental organizations to safeguard people’s health. The case’s legal precedents had an impact on environmental law, highlighting corporate responsibility and the rights of people who were impacted. Overall, Camp Lejeune was a catalyst for change, highlighting the value of environmental responsibility and taking legal action to hold people accountable.

New Class Action Lawsuit Over Ohio Norfolk Train Accident

In East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3, 2023, a freight train derailed while hauling ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, butyl acrylate, vinyl chloride, and ethylhexyl acrylate.

This article will get you up to date and discuss how Norfolk Southern will be held accountable for this horrible accident, details on the derailment, such as identifying its cause and effects on the environment and the affected individuals, and how the class action lawsuits are going as of today.

Who Is Norfolk Southern

One of the top transportation firms in the country is Norfolk Southern Company. Its subsidiary, Norfolk Southern Railway Company, runs around 19,300 route miles through 22 states and the District of Columbia, provides effective linkages to other railway carriers, and services all of the main eastern container ports.

In addition to transporting industrial goods like metals and building supplies, Norfolk Southern also transports goods related to agriculture, forestry, and consumer goods, as well as chemicals. The railroad is also a major transporter of coal, autos, and automotive components, and it runs the largest intermodal system in the East.

Train Derailment In Ohio

A Norfolk Southern freight train that derailed on February 3, was made up of three engines, including ES44AC #8152 at the front, nine empty cars, and 141 loaded cars. The train was running between Norfolk Southern’s Conway Yard in Pennsylvania, and the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis yard in Illinois.

While no one was hurt, hydrogen chloride and phosgene emission was released into the atmosphere. It was mainly due to emergency responders performing a controlled burn of the spill at the state officers’ request in order to prevent an uncontrollable explosion, which resulted in fires and black smoke rising into the air which caused residents within a 1 mi (1.6 km) radius to evacuate. This also resulted in the launch of a disaster response involving organizations from three different states.

According to the state Department of Natural Resources, the leaked toxins killed 3,500 fish over 7 miles of the Ohio River.

Moreover, as reported by firsthand accounts, farm animals and pets have become ill, the Associated Press stated. State officials similarly said that there had been no documented associated animal deaths. Forensic tests and lab tests would be necessary for said confirmation in order to establish a link to the occurrence.

The Environmental Protection Agency stated in a press conference on Thursday, February 16th, that tests on soil and water have not yet turned up with any toxins. Nonetheless, the organization advises those who rely on private groundwater sources to wait to consume from private water sources until they have been examined by a third party.

What Caused The Train To Derail

The National Transportation Safety Board revealed what it suspects is the reason during a news briefing on Sunday, February 5th.

Michael Graham of the National Transportation Safety Board stated that they have two films that reveal initial signs of mechanical problems on one of the railcars’ axles.

When a wheel bearing on a railcar heats up, this is referred to as a “hot box.”  In this instance, excessive heating caused a fire, which in turn caused the derailment.

The train was unable to halt in time, unfortunately. Just prior to the train derailing, you can see some of the wheels on flames in a spectator video as it was still running.

The three passengers—an engineer, a conductor, and a conductor trainee—were unharmed. After turning around, the conductor uncoupled the engines from the railcars.

Prior to derailing on February 3, Norfolk Southern workers had informed CBS News that the train experienced at least one breakdown on its trip. The magnitude of the train—18,000 tons and 9,300 feet, or 1.8 miles—was cited as the cause by the employees.

To evaluate the crash, the collected information will be thoroughly and systematically examined.

The railcars will be transferred for a more thorough damage evaluation when the fire has been put out.

Norfolk Southern was asked by the NTSB to provide records of track inspections, engine and railcar assessments, and training. Further, the derailment investigation will be finalized in around 18 to 24 months.

Class Action Lawsuit Updates: Northfolk Southern Train Accident

On Wednesday, East Palestine, Ohio, residents filed class action lawsuits suing Norfolk Southern, the newest in a slew of legal actions the publicly traded business is facing as a result of the devastating incident on February 3.

In addition to punitive damages, plaintiffs are asking for healthcare monitoring, injunctive and declarative relief, as well as damages for injuries, emotional distress, lost property value, and heightened hazards of future ailment, alleging that attempts by the business as well as local and state officials to clean up after the incident actually made things severe.

According to the claim, Norfolk Southern doused the town in chemicals as it put the safety of its shareholders and the restoration of rail service ahead of the health of the locals.

It goes on to assert that by setting the chemical spills on fire, Phosgene Gas was discharged into the atmosphere and a chemical burn pit weighing more than one million pounds was produced.

“The people of East Palestine and the surrounding communities are facing an unprecedented array of threats to their health,” the legal firm said in a declaration. Such threats vary from chemicals that induce vomiting and nausea to a substance that causes the majority of chemical warfare mortalities throughout World War I.

There are at least five potential class action lawsuits against Norfolk Southern Railway Co. Further, the fact that the freight train had broken down just 48 hours previously has also come to light.

With a troubled history of fatal accidents and intimidating whistleblowers, Norfolk Southern came under fire for safety breaches last year when it decided to authorize $10 billion in stock buybacks for shareholders rather than repair work and service maintenance.

Rail unions claim that the incident was “years in the planning,” and towns are now seeking answers out of concern over potential health effects.

The event has raised awareness of precision-focused railroading, a managerial strategy that employees claim has made trains riskier and more difficult to control. According to a recent Government Accountability Office analysis, PSR caused the workforce at the seven largest commercial railways to be reduced by 28%. Derailments varied in quantity, with Norfolk Southern stating 2 per million train miles during the last ten years.

Moreover, Norfolk Southern executives declined to attend the public meeting in East Palestine on February 15, Wednesday night to address locals’ worries due to their concerns for their safety.

Feb 18, 2023 – Tribeca is evaluating the possibility of reserving a fund specifically for providing pre settlement cash advances to those affected by the tragedy.  Please bookmark this page and check for subsequent updates on legal funding considerations.


Will Tribeca Capital Work With My Lawyer?

Tribeca Capital will work with your lawyer to from the outset to get you the legal funding necessary to win your maximum settlement. A lawsuit can take months or even years to settle, and your legal funding company will be a long-term partner during your case. We believe that we can offer better service to you the closer we are with your legal representation.

We consider our relationship with your lawyer critical to the outcome of your case. Some legal funding companies are content with cutting a check at the beginning of a case and taking a hands-off approach for the rest of the process. Find out how we take a different approach and can leverage our relationship with your legal representation to deliver the outcome you deserve.

First Step: Your Application

The first step you’ll need to take to obtain legal funding from Tribeca Capital is actually to secure the approval of your lawyer for it. Should they agree to receive legal funding, we’ll be the ones responsible for paying them once your settlement is paid out. Most lawyers agree to receive legal funding, but we’ll need their cooperation first in order to fund you.

Once your lawyer approves of your funding, the next step is applying with us! Call us today at (866) 388-2288 or fill out the easy application here on the website. The sooner you start, the sooner we can help relieve some of your financial stress.

Keeping Your Information Confidential

In order to make you an offer, Tribeca lawsuit loans will need to know the details about your case and your likelihood of winning. We will take the information about your law firm and contact them for additional information about the status of your case. With your consent, the firm will provide us with information we need about your case to make an informed decision about your lawsuit loan. 

Your attorney is bound by the duty of confidentiality not to disclose personal information about your case without your permission. When you apply for litigation funding, we ask that you give permission for us to discuss your case with your attorney. You can rest assured that we will not disclose information about your case without your permission or a court order. 

Investigating Your Case and Approving Your Application

Before taking you on as a client, your attorney did a thorough review of the facts and circumstances of your case. They were able to come to a conclusion about your case’s merits and the likelihood of success. Even more information has probably been gained through discovery.

Although we make our own investigation and reach our own conclusions on the likelihood that you’ll prevail in your suit, we rely heavily on your attorney’s good judgment to help us ensure, as best we can, that we’re backing a winner. Our legal funding is actually an investment, and we need to be sure it will pay off before making it.

Although no one can guarantee that you will win your case, when we approve your application, you will know that your lawyer and Tribeca Capital have confidence in the outcome of your case. 

Tribeca Is Your “Silent Partner”

Although we take a keen interest in the progress of your lawsuit, Tribeca does not involve itself in the day-to-day course of your litigation. We are not like a health insurance company that approves or denies coverage for medical procedures. We will not strategize, make policy decisions on how your case is conducted, or try to influence you or your attorney in any way. 

We leave all of those important decisions to you and your legal team. A lawsuit loan can make litigation easier for you, but it cannot run your case for you. What you’ll get from us is the financial strength necessary to better fight your case however you choose.

We Work Directly With Your Attorney After Settlement to Fulfill the Payment Terms

We also work with your attorney after you settle your case or win a judgment in court. Your attorney will probably be the one who takes custody of the settlement funds. They will be charged with the responsibility of seeing that the funds are distributed to all parties entitled to be paid, including expert witnesses, medical providers, court reporters, and the law firm itself. 

Your attorney will also ensure that Tribeca is paid out of the proceeds according to the terms of our agreement with you. That way you won’t have to worry about repaying any of the advances you received from Tribeca directly out of pocket. When you receive your settlement check, you can rest assured that the entire amount is yours to do with as you please.

What Happens if Your Attorney Refuses Legal Funding?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer you legal funding without your lawyer’s approval. Legal funding is how they will be paid, and some lawyers prefer not to work with third-parties in a lawsuit. While this is a relatively rare occurrence for contingency-based lawyers, it is a risk you should be aware of.

If your lawyer refuses legal funding, you can find another one who will accept it. However, if this isn’t feasible, you may not qualify for pre-settlement loans and will need to use alternative forms of financing. Many of these, such as personal loans or credit cards, are recourse, meaning you will likely have to repay them regardless of the outcome of your case.

Apply for Legal Funding With Tribeca Capital Today

If you need help now, Tribeca Capital may be able to turn your lawsuit into cash you can use for medical bills, groceries, mortgage payments, or whatever you need. Apply now on our website or contact us at (866) 388-2288 to discuss your case with one of our staff. You could be approved for and receive up to $1 million in as little as 48 hours.

We’ve disbursed over $45 million to our clients and can provide you with the funds you need to fight for your maximum settlement. With our help, you can resist the pressure tactics defendants use to get plaintiffs just like you to settle for less. We look forward to being your partner in your fight for justice.

Is A Knee Injury Settlement Calculator Reliable?

Image of a knee injury settlement calculator used in personal injury loans

Have you suffered a knee injury in an accident, such as a slip-and-fall incident or a car accident? A generic knee injury settlement calculator can only give you a rough idea of your estimated settlement value. Every settlement amount is unique depending on the circumstances of a knee injury.

How can you calculate the fair settlement you’re entitled to in a knee injury case, and what factors affect your knee injury settlement value? Read on to find out more so you can plan for your financial future.

Each Personal Injury Case Is Unique

It’s difficult to give an exact estimate of a knee injury settlement’s value. While some generic online calculators can estimate this amount, they rarely reflect the final claim value. This is because each injury case is unique and has circumstances that can impact how much compensation you’re entitled to.

How Can An Auto Accident Cause A Knee Injury?

Car accidents such as head-on collisions and sideswiped can cause different kinds of serious injuries, including knee injuries. Some of the most common knee injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Kneecap fractures
  • Meniscus tear
  • Torn or sprained ligaments
  • Bruises and contusions

Some victims of motor accidents think that they don’t have a knee injury just because they don’t feel any immediate physical pain. However, such an injury and its effects on your health can take a while to be felt.

Always seek medical treatment immediately after being involved in a car accident. This will document the extent of your injuries for your personal injury settlement, as well as determine the amount of medical care and physical therapy you’ll need.

If you delay getting treatment, this can have a negative impact on your personal injury settlement. The other party’s insurance company may question the severity of your injury if you wait too long to see a doctor.

How Can You Estimate the Potential Value of A Knee Injury Settlement?

The right equation includes the following elements of your knee injury case to estimate the potential value of your knee injury settlement.

Severity Of Knee Injuries

Simply put, more serious knee injuries are entitled to higher compensation than minor injuries. For example, a few bruises won’t get you as large an award as a severe injury that requires multiple knee surgeries or a knee replacement.

Some serious knee injuries don’t just need immediate medical care – they may also require physical therapy so you can fully recover. Apart from the cost of your immediate emergency medical care, any knee surgery and physical therapy will be factored into your estimated settlement amount.

Your injury may also require continuous medication, consultations with specialists, and equipment for mobility. Your injury settlement should also account for these future medical bills.


Auto insurance laws differ from state to state. Some states have at-fault insurance laws, where both your liability and that of the other party can affect your settlement award. If you’re found to be partially at fault for a car crash, this could reduce your settlement from the other party’s insurance company.

Liability can take time to prove, whether in negotiations or during court proceedings. The at-fault party’s insurance company may take advantage of this and lowball the offer. As bills continue to pile up and legal processes grind on, victims may end up settling for these unfairly low amounts just to cover their expenses.

In this scenario, pre-settlement funding a.k.a. a lawsuit loan can give you the resources you need to successfully resist a low offer and fight for a fair settlement amount. By getting a no-risk cash advance on the value of your settlement, you get enough money to cover immediate expenses such as medical bills and living expenses.

Pre-Existing Injuries

If you already had a pre-existing knee condition or degenerative knee complaint, this may reduce the amount of your knee injury claim. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be entitled to compensation. Consult your lawyer to find out more about the impact of your pre-existing conditions on your knee injury settlement value.

Pain And Suffering

In some knee injury lawsuits, victims find that they suffer emotional pain and suffering after their accident. They may experience issues such as sleepless nights, stress, and panic attacks. These are categorized as non-economic damages for which you should be rightfully compensated.

Lost Income And Effect On Employment

Many victims need time to recover from their injuries, resulting in time off from their job. In the most serious knee injury claims, some victims can no longer perform their old jobs. Your potential settlement must factor in lost wages from missed days of work, as well as the accident’s negative impact on your ability to support yourself.

Property Damage

You may also have suffered damage to your property, such as your car or your home, as a result of an auto accident. Your personal injury claim should also include the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged property.

There’s No Substitute For Expert Legal Advice

The more of the above factors involved in your personal injury, the more complicated your case gets. Consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to find out more about the settlement process and how you can get the maximum settlement value.

A personal injury attorney can tell you more about the average settlement amount in personal injury cases similar to yours. They can also help you get the documentation you’ll need for a personal injury claim and negotiate with the at-fault party and their insurer.

Personal injury lawyers are more successful than victims at negotiating settlements. They are more likely to win the case in court, as well as get a larger settlement amount. If you’re worried about the cost of legal counsel, fret not – a lawsuit loan can help you cover your legal fees and your living expenses.

What Is A Lawsuit Loan?

Lawsuit loans, also known as pre-settlement funding or lawsuit funding, are risk-free cash advances on your knee injury settlement. It’s risk-free because if you lose your case, you won’t have to repay it. If you win your case or settle out of court, the only collateral that can be used to repay it is your settlement award. A funding company can’t force you to use your income, assets, and personal property to pay off this loan.

Waiting for a knee injury settlement can be a lengthy process, and as you wait for your claim to be processed, your bills will start to pile up. Lawsuit loans help you access funds from your settlement now, so you can pay off these expenses and focus on your recovery.

These cash advances can also help you resist settling for a lowball knee injury settlement offer because you have enough funds to pay your bills and lawyer. Because funding companies don’t get anything unless you win or settle, they may even offer additional case funding so your lawyer can hire expert witnesses, gather documents, and get the time they need to prove your claim.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers lawsuit loans with fair, transparent interest rates and no hidden fees. Contact us through our site details to find out how you can apply for pre-settlement funding!

Apply For A Knee Injury Settlement Loan For Free!

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers pre-settlement loans for personal injury claims, including knee injury lawsuits. We can offer up to $2 million for a knee injury lawsuit cash advance, and we’ve lent an estimated $45 million to our clients in different states.

Our knee injury loan application process is quick, easy, and free. In some cases, we can even approve an application within 48 hours and send a settlement cash advance right away. Contact us by calling (866) 388-2288 or click Apply Now and one of our team members will happily assist you.

Get the financial resources you need to resist a low offer and pay your living expenses. With help from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, you’ll be able to fight for the settlement amount you deserve!

This is a better fit and has a better flow – whilst keeping “personal injury settlement calculator” phrase.

The 5 Best Litigation Finance Companies

Litigation Finance Companies

When people look for litigation funders, their online searches may lead them to pages that claim to rank companies based on funding, customer service, and the ease of their application process.

When people look for litigation funders, their online searches may lead them to pages that claim to rank companies based on funding, customer service, and the ease of their application process. But in reality, many of these pages are little more than paid advertisements written by people who don’t have a clue about lawsuit financing. Few of them offer relevant insights about the services of these litigation finance firms, let alone explain why you should choose them over the rest.

  1. Tribeca Capital Group
  2. Lex Shares
  3. Omni Bridgeway
  4. Burford Capital
  5. Nera Capital

This is why our litigation financing company has decided to do something different. We’ve listed five of the best litigation finance companies. Yes, we compete with them in the litigation finance industry, but this is precisely why our recommendation is more trustworthy. We’ve studied each company’s background, experience, and quality of service, making our feedback far more reliable than that on LinkedIn or Yelp.

We hope that you’ll rely on our litigation funding firm in the event of a pending lawsuit. However, if you choose to take your business elsewhere, we still want you to get help from the top litigation firms – and these are the companies we consider the best.

The 5 Best Litigation Funding Firms

Tribeca Capital Group

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Tribeca Capital Group offers lawsuit cash advances to clients in the United States. All too familiar with the slow pace of the legal system, the company disburses cash advances in as little as 48 hours. Its simple, straightforward, and fast cash advance approval process has helped thousands of litigants pursue their claims, with funding ranging from $500 to $1 million.

Unlike other companies that offer non-recourse litigation funding, Tribeca doesn’t require credit checks. It also doesn’t require personal asset valuation from your law firm or business partners.

We believe that our funding company has the experience, quality of service, and resources that earn it a spot in the top five companies. Apart from earning a sterling 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot, this rating was garnered through nearly 250 reviews. We also maintain rigorous ethical standards as a proud member company of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) and the Alliance For Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC).

Tribeca Capital Group funds a wide range of lawsuits, such as commercial litigation cases, sexual harassment lawsuits, and whistleblower cases. Reach us through our contact page for a free consultation on your case – our team is standing by and ready to help.


Founded in 2014, LexShares’ main offices are based in Boston and New York. The company’s non-recourse financing means law firms and businesses that avail of its services have no obligation to repay if the case is lost. LexShares assesses claims through a comprehensive analysis of damages, the expected litigation budget, and the client’s engagement structure with their attorneys.

It could take up to a week for LexShares to approve an application, which puts this company out of reach for businesses in need of immediate financial relief. The company also assesses an applicant company’s creditworthiness, so those with a shakier financial situation may have to look elsewhere.

However, LexShares enjoys an excellent reputation with clients and its industry peers alike, having funded single cases with as much as $3.5 million. It’s also handled case portfolios for companies and law firms, with multiple lawsuit settlements serving as collateral.

Ranked by Chambers and Partners in its 2021 and 2022 Litigation Support Guide, LexShares has earned high praise for its flexibility and efficiency.

Omni Bridgeway

Listed on Australia’s stock exchange, Omni Bridgeway is another top choice for global lawsuit financing. The company operates in 23 international locations and offers financing solutions from all stages of litigation ranging from case inception to post-judgment recovery and verdict enforcement. They work around the clock in different time zones, so their expertise is within reach any time your needs arise.

The company has years of expertise in providing funding in civil and common law jurisdictions. As recently as August 2022, Omni announced that it had as much as $1 billion ready to invest in litigation opportunities, attesting to the company’s financial soundness and capacity to accept various claims.

We highly recommend Omni because of its experienced legal and arbitration team, with over 20 members recognized in Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders in 2020 and 2021. Omni was also honored with the Canadian Lawyer Readers’ Choice Award as a Top Litigation Funder in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Burford Capital

With six main offices found in North America, England, and the Asia-Pacific region, Burford Capital offers legal finance and risk management services to businesses across the globe. To date, the company has received 11,000 funding requests over its 13-year record of profitability.

In 2021, Burford committed a total funding of $1.1 billion to various companies and law firms. Apart from building accurate litigation budgets, the company helps clients with expense management and offers competitive prices on its funding offers.

The company also stays abreast of the latest legal and financial developments worldwide by hosting events, holding webcasts, and regularly publishing its financial review, the Burford Quarterly. Like Tribeca, Burford’s investments are typically non-recourse, giving clients a financing option that poses no risk to their personal assets.

Nera Capital

Based in England and Ireland, Nera Capital has decades of experience in investing in litigation finance. The company has helped over 26,000 litigants since its founding, with a team that boasts fast in-house decision-making. Nera Capital’s application process can take several days, but as an upside, they also consider new types of claims and class actions that they don’t even list on their site.

Like Tribeca Capital Group, Nera Capital doesn’t require monthly payments of interest. Another similarity it has to Tribeca is that it doesn’t restrict the use of your borrowed funds, allowing businesses to manage their cash flow.

Nera Capital also has strong ties to various organizations and companies within the industry, such as after-the-event (ATE) insurance companies, litigators in law firms, and claim originators. This gives them a wealth of knowledge to assess your estimated compensation and determine your loan amount with high accuracy.

What Is Litigation Finance?

Litigation finance, also known as litigation funding, dispute finance, or third-party lawsuit funding, gives capital to a litigant while they await the outcome of their suit. Such a financial arrangement is offered to individuals, businesses, and law firms, with the future proceeds of their lawsuits serving as sole collateral. This allows parties to cover their litigation expenses and other costs without jeopardizing their company or firm’s bottom line.

What Should You Look For In A Litigation Funding Company?

Litigants should compare company benefits, track records, and industry acknowledgments to find the best third-party funder – these are qualities that every reputable funding company should have. Here’s why:

Reasonable Interest Rates

While many lawsuit funding companies offer fast access to a portion of your settlement, they may charge unreasonably high interest rates. Compare each lender’s rates and keep an eye out for flat-rate versus compounded interest.

Clear, Straightforward Contract Terms

A lending company’s financing agreement should list all charged fees, whether one-time or recurring. It should also clearly write out the contingency nature of the funding, the party responsible for paying the company, and how the company is compensated in exchange for funding.

In addition, their proposed arrangement should also state where and when the company’s compensation will be paid out. This prevents future misunderstandings and allows straightforward recovery in the event of a successful trial.

Control Over Your Lawsuit Matters

A funding company only provides the money you need to answer for expenses during your lawsuit, like attorney fees. Consequently, the company shouldn’t be able to dictate your lawyer’s legal strategy or bar you from pursuing certain suits. If a company’s funding documents state that they can have some form of influence over your chosen legal avenues, this is a warning sign to steer clear.

Benefits Of Litigation Finance

Some plaintiffs may wonder why they should get capital from a litigation finance company instead of traditional lending institutions, such as banks or credit companies. Here are compelling reasons why you should work with a litigation funder.

Flexibility Of Agreement

Typical lending institutions will require clients to state their intended use for loans, and the use of this money is limited strictly to this purpose. This is where a litigation finance company presents you with a major advantage: the ability to use your borrowed funds as you see fit.

Litigation funding can be used to cover litigation costs, the expenses connected to filing legal disputes, and even other reasonable expenses that are necessary for a plaintiff. For example, litigation funding may be used to cover operational costs to protect a business from the risk of closure during lengthy trials.

Its financial resources can also be used to help litigants pursue contingency litigation that would otherwise be too costly. Litigation finance gives claimants and their lawyers a flexible source of money, helping them resist an unfairly low settlement offer. This improves the chances that lawsuits will be tried in court based on justice and merits, as opposed to the financial strength of the parties.

Immediate Accounting Benefits

Self-funding cases can have a negative impact on your books. Because this adds to your operating expenses, it reduces your overall profit – potentially rattling existing partners and scaring off future investors.

However, litigation funding doesn’t get added to your operating expenses. In some cases, it can even be considered revenue. Because it doesn’t go on your expense column, it frees up working capital for other high-priority business costs. This can paint a better financial picture for a law firm or company, allowing business to go on as usual.

Freedom From Rising Interest Rates

Traditional debts such as conventional loans are typically tied to the Federal Reserve’s interest rates. This means the cost of a loan can increase at any time, potentially putting a lawsuit out of your financial reach.

In comparison, the interest rates and terms of a litigation funding loan are set based on the strength of claims, the size of their expected settlements, and the dispute’s collectibility.

Protection Of Personal Assets

Interest-bearing loans from banks or other lending institutions will require a client to repay the loan’s value with interest, even if they suffer a loss in court. But because litigation funding is non-recourse funding, litigation financing companies only collect a return on their investment when a lawsuit is successful. This protects companies and law firms from the onerous burden of a traditional loan’s debt obligation, regardless of the result in court.

The nature of litigation finance agreements means that the lawsuit’s settlement is collateral. This protects a law firm’s partners or company’s board from demands on their personal assets.

Sufficient Time To Build A Strong Case

Preparing for a lawsuit can be an expensive endeavor, especially if a defendant’s counsel or insurance company employs delaying tactics. Because of how long it can take to reach a verdict and settlement, many defendants end up folding despite the strength of their claims.

The backing of a litigation finance company helps businesses and law firms afford legal representation and other resources to win cases in their respective courts. With this financial help, plaintiffs can hire persuasive expert witnesses, compile all necessary evidence, and consult companies about all issues related to their situation.

Consult Us For Litigation Financing Solutions

Resisting lowball offers from defendants and their attorneys is a difficult task on its own, let alone when juggled with operational concerns. Tribeca Capital Group offers flexible funding so you can pursue legal remedies without hurting your company’s finances. Depending on the analysis of your case, you can receive litigation funding ranging from $500,000 to $1 million.

Reach out to us for a free case consultation through our contact page. We’ll reply to you right away with an amount estimate so you can apply immediately and get much-needed financial resources to fight for the compensation your company deserves!


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