What Is a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)?

What Is a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)?

Have you been in a motor vehicle accident and as a consequence are unable to work? Your regular bills still need to be paid and rent will still be due. If you need an immediate cash advance to cover your bills and legal expenses Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has a straight forward and fast application process. Tribeca will quickly contact your lawyer to confirm some details, following which, we will transfer you your car accident loan, all within 24 hours.

After a car accident, it can be financially challenging to get back onto your feet while you are awaiting a motor vehicle accident settlement. Most likely you will deal with the other person’s car insurance company. Insurance companies will try to get away with paying as little as possible. This is when auto accident loans can help.

What is a Motor Vehicle Accident Loan?

A Motor vehicle Accident Loan or a Car Accident Loan is not a traditional loan. In the sense that if you lose your case you will not have to repay the loan. This is called a non-recourse loan. These loans are only available if you have started a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit or a Car Accident Lawsuit. They are designed to bridge the financial gap after the car accident until you receive your compensation in the form of a Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement or Car Accident Settlement.

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

Pre-settlement Loans at Tribeca are assessed on an individual basis and depends on how big a Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement you expect to get. No pre-settlement cash advance is too small or too big, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans deals with $500 or over $2,000,000 cash advances.

A settlement can compensate for vehicle damages together with damage to any personal property due to the car accident and any other costs, supported with proof of payment i.e. taxi costs to get home, car rentals, etc.

In case you have suffered injuries you might also be entitled to compensation for loss of income and any medical expenses. And on top of that any pain and suffering you might experience mentally or physically from the car accident. These symptoms might only show up weeks after the accident, therefore, best to let an experienced attorney handle your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit, as they know that most insurance companies will attempt to cover medical expenses up to that point. After accepting this you will not be able to request more compensation.

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Acclaimed Case

In 2014, the comedian Tracy Morgan sustained serious injuries after a Wal-Mart truck hit his limousine. The Motor Vehicle Accident killed James McNair, and cause injuries to the rest of the passengers. The Wal-Mart driver had not slept for over 24 hours and had pleaded guilty. Although non-disclosed the paperwork suggests that Wal-Mart paid more than $90 million in the settlement.

What is the next step?

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans are 100% risk-free because you will not have to pay us back if you lose your case. Call us now on 866-388-2288 or use the online application form.

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