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trials and tribulations of mass torts

The Trials & Tribulations of Mass Torts

U.S. Supreme Court made a decision that could result in millions of dollars in judgments in the future. Product liability cases take considerable effort, patience, and funding, whether an individual case, a class-action lawsuit, or a case part of an MDL.

Corporate law cartoon figures

Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, Announces Support For New York State Litigation Funding Legislation

Candice Payrovi, Chief Operating Officer of Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, announced the company’s support of New York State Assembly Bill No. A03315, which is designed to provide regulation of the consumer litigation funding industry in the state. The bill was introduced by Erik M. Dilan, Assembly District 54. Two similar bills, Assembly Bill No. A01270 and its companion bill in the Senate, […]

Illustrated people in a doctors office or hospital

Tribeca Capital Group, LLC Announces Expansion for New Year 2021 Mass Tort Initiative

Litigation Funding leader Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, is pleased to announce its New Year 2021 Mass Tort initiative to offer financial relief to victims of defective surgical implants, unsafe medications, or institutions that protected sexual predators. These mass torts include the over-the-counter heartburn medication Zantac, medical device placement surgeries for hernia mesh and inferior vena cava (IVC) […]

Meeting cancelled illustration

Lawsuit Lender Tribeca Capital Cancels the Year 2020

Rory Donadio, founder of lawsuit lender Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, announced today that it is canceling the year 2020. “It has caused entirely too much strife in the world. We all deserve a do-over,” says Donadio. If all goes according to plan, he predicts, the Year 2020 will disappear from calendars in each time zone as clocks […]

Medical scene of illustrated people

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans Offers Financial Help to Zantac Cancer Plaintiffs

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has announced that it now accepts applications for pre-settlement loans from litigation plaintiffs diagnosed with cancer after taking Zantac, a popular antacid and heartburn remedy, or generic ranitidine, the active ingredient in Zantac.

Sad illustrated guy after getting fired.

Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, Converts COVID-19 Wrongful Termination Claims into Cash with Lawsuit Fundings

Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, a pioneer in pre-settlement litigation funding, announces that it is now advancing funds to claimants who have lost their livelihoods through wrongful termination, the employer’s mishandling of wage and benefit claims, and other employment issues arising from the pandemic crisis.

Tribeca Law Suit Loans

Funding the Fight: How Litigation Brokers Help Level the Legal Playing Field

Litigation funding evens the playing field for the average consumer. Increasing the chance of a fair fight is critical, whether battling a well-resourced insurance company, business or industry.

Data, calculator and chart illustration

Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC) Teams Up with Money Management International (MMI) to Offer Customers Access to Financial Resource Site

The leading trade association for the consumer legal funding industry, Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC), a nonprofit organization, announces the relaunch (Financially Fit), a website providing consumers with tools to achieve financial wellness, bolster emergency savings, and better prepare for a rainy day.

Scholarship and money illustration.

Joshua Victor Wins Tribeca Capital Group Scholarship

The 2021 Tribeca Capital Group Scholarship has concluded, with Joshua Victor declared the winner for his insightful essay on whether litigation finance expands access to justice. His conclusion is that the practice doesn’t always mean justice for those who would otherwise miss out on equitable representation.

Family walking in the winter illustration.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans Now Accepting Applications From PG&E Fire Victim Claimants

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans announced today that it has established a fund to pay advances on the claims filed with the Fire Victim Trust by victims of the devastating Camp, Butte, Paradise, and North Bay wildfires in Northern California that leveled whole towns and left thousands homeless.  


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