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trials and tribulations of mass torts

The Trials & Tribulations of Mass Torts

U.S. Supreme Court made a decision that could result in millions of dollars in judgments in the future. Product liability cases take considerable effort, patience, and funding, whether an individual case, a class-action lawsuit, or a case part of an MDL.

Money being inserted into a cartoon piggy bank.

Tribeca Capital Group Announces Pre-settlement Funding Now Allowed in Minnesota

Litigation Funding leader Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, announces that due to the recent decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court in Maslowski v. Prospect Funding Partners LLC, the company is now accepting applications from Minnesota residents who are plaintiffs in pending lawsuits and in need of immediate cash.

Masked businessman gets his bag after company suffers due to corona.

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding Company Tribeca Capital Launches COVID-19 Program

In an effort to use its resources to bring relief and hope to those affected by unprecedented global circumstances, Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, an industry leader in pre-settlement lawsuit funding, announces that it has developed an initiative to reach lawsuit plaintiffs who have been touched by COVID-19 or have been negatively impacted by the sharp […]

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Tribeca Capital Moves Into the Commercial Litigation Funding Arena

Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, a leading voice in the field of consumer pre-settlement funding, is pleased to announce its new initiative designed to expand its lawsuit client base to include high dollar commercial plaintiffs and the law firms who represent them.


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