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New York Labor Law

In the State of New York, if you or a group of people suffered an injury at work it is possible to sue your employer. Whether you have suffered physical or emotional injuries or even been financially negatively impacted, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers quick cash advances to help you through your New York Labor lawsuit.

New York Labor Law Section 200

New York Labor Law section 200 gives employees protection when an employer has not taken reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their employees. Two types of cases are accidents due to employer negligence leading workers being exposed to dangerous work conditions. Another type of New York Labor Law section 200 would be that the contractor causes an accident by tool handling. Exposing workers to all possible injuries.

Physical Injuries

Depending on the work environment, the extent of suffering can be quite varied. Where office environments might lead to a broken arm or finger, construction sites are a much more hazardous working environment, where not only accidents are caused by the use of lift hoists and ladders but also cranes, bulldozers, backhoes, or other heavy machinery. Consequently, causing great bodily harm if your employer has not taken reasonable care to create a safe environment. These types of injuries have the potential to cause severe permanent conditions, leaving you potentially paralyzed, suffering brain injuries, memory loss, or you could even be unknowingly exposed to chemical spills leading to long term health problems. If you need financial help to fund a labor lawsuit in New York, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can help and will fund your lawsuit no matter how small or large your case.

Emotionally or Financially Damaged

Your workplace can also leave you exposed to other types of trauma. You can be the victim of sexual harassment or bullying by a co-worker or other kinds of abuse leaving you emotionally scarred. Your employer can even willfully damaged your reputation. There have been major cases where plaintiffs have been financially compensated for the bigger salary they would have gotten if their employer had not given them a bad reference. These are all situations where you can take your employer to court. Labor lawsuits in New York can be an expensive endeavor and it can take years before you see any form of settlement. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is here to help reduce your financial stress, by providing immediate cash advances to help you get through this tough time so you can pay your bills, rent, or legal costs.

How do we help?

If you have been left unable to work due to a work-related accident, you can support yourself, with a pre-settlement cash loan from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. Tribeca’s legal funding is a specific financial structure providing plaintiffs with risk-free financial assistance. These types of loans are called legal funding or pre-settlement loans and are risk-free because the cash advances are non-recourse. Non-recourse is a legal term which means if you do not win your case you are not liable to repay the loan. Only when you have won your case and have received your settlement you will have to repay Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. The application process is straight forward and after speaking with your lawyers to confirm details of your case, you can have the pre-settlement funding deposited into your bank account in 24 hours. Give us a quick call or fill out the online form, our legal experts are able to speak to you 24/7.


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